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Monday, 3 November 2003
Page: 21723

Mr ORGAN (1:50 PM) —On yesterday's ABC Insiders show members of the Australian community were subjected to a tirade against the Greens by various worried parliamentarians and media commentators. None of them got it right, and the abuse, lies and distortions were puerile, juvenile and, in some instances, loopy. The member for Casey, for example, spoke about how the Greens are planning to ban barbecues and force vegetarianism on the Australian community—wrong! We supposedly had crazy plans to legalise all drugs—wrong! The leader of the Democrats said:

We're not so anti-market, anti-business as the Greens.

Once again, that is wrong. You can see that we are very supportive of business and of job creation. Then we had Andrew Bolt of the Herald-Sun writing about how the Greens have a so-called `fundamentally totalitarian' kind of creed that is `quasi religious'. Once again, these loopy right-wing ideas are sending the wrong message out there about the Greens. The Greens are for democracy in all things—social equity, welfare and all those things that we as Australians are proud of and support. So I think it is about time that some of these crazies out there just stepped back and thought about what they are saying, because obviously they have got it wrong and I do not know what kind of world they are in at the moment.