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Tuesday, 16 September 2003
Page: 20180

Mr MURPHY (5:50 PM) —I want to put on record my support for not only the member for Kingston's amendment but also the integrity measures in relation to foreign investors in Australia. I would like to convey to the Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Finance and Administration, who has heard me speak here many times on this matter, that I wish the government were as diligent in pursuing people who engage in serial rorting of our taxation system. Members of the legal profession, in particular, have pioneered the rorting of the taxation system through the employment of family law and bankruptcy to put assets out of reach of the taxation commissioner. I take this opportunity to draw to the attention of the House my question No. 2406 on today's Notice Paper, which deals with former QC Mr John Cummins, who never lodged a taxation return in 45 years. Parliamentary Secretary, you were here one night when I was speaking about that and his wife—

The DEPUTY SPEAKER (Ms Gambaro)—I draw the member for Lowe's attention to the fact that we are engaged in debate on the International Tax Agreements Amendment Bill 2003 at the moment. There are appropriate avenues in the House for questions.

Mr MURPHY —That is true, but you would have heard that my remarks are predicated on the fact that I wish the government was just as diligent in pursuing—

The DEPUTY SPEAKER —My understanding is that you are supporting the amendment.

Mr MURPHY —I am supporting the amendment, because I seconded it. I am also supporting the integrity measures in relation to foreigners investing in Australia. I am just making the point—

Mr Slipper —It is not connected to this bill.

Mr MURPHY —I take that point, Parliamentary Secretary, but I just want to put this on record. I will stop—

The DEPUTY SPEAKER —Can you please refer to the matter of the bill, which is the International Tax Agreements Amendment Bill 2003.

Mr MURPHY —I am making the point, Madam Deputy Speaker, that I hope the government continues to pursue the rorters of our taxation system.