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Monday, 26 May 2003
Page: 14831

To the Honourable the Speaker and Members of the House of Representatives assembled in parliament:

The petition of certain citizens of Australia draws to the attention of the House that the people of Australia have not been consulted on a commitment made that Australia will support an impending war against Iraq.

We are concerned that such a war will:

· Result in the deaths of many Iraqi civilians, as well as Australian US and Iraqi troops.

· Goad Saddam Hussein to use any weapons he has at his disposal in a bid to retain power.

· Cause a civil war in Iraq, enlarge the refugee problem and further destabilise the Middle East.

· Enhance the perception that The West is at war with the Islamic World, thus consolidating the recruitment power of anti-Western extremists.

Your petitioners request that the House shall refuse to commit Australia to join the United States of America in this impending war, and further, that Australia uses what influence it has over the U.S. to convince it to use non-violent strategies such as seeking a Zone Free of Weapons of Mass Destruction over the entire Middle East.

by Dr Lawrence (from 108 citizens) and
by Ms Jann McFarlane (from 1,699 citizens)