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Monday, 26 May 2003
Page: 14889

Mr PRICE (4:39 PM) —Mr Speaker, on 13 May I asked you a question about the availability of press clippings on the Department of the House of Representatives intranet site, and you kindly responded to me in a letter dated 15 May. I need to preface my question by saying that all senators, of course, get a daily service of Media Monitors clippings. In your reply, Mr Speaker, you say that `there are other avenues for members to access press clippings online, such as the direct feed from AAP news service, the ParlInfo database of newspaper clippings and various newspaper web sites'.

The AAP, as I understand it, actually runs a news service wherein its reporters report the news. There is available on AAP a press release service, but this in no way constitutes a press clipping service. If a press clipping service is available on AAP, I would be most grateful if the staff might indicate to me or show me how it might be accessed.

In relation to the ParlInfo Library database of newspaper clippings, it is true that they are available, principally as a search engine. I would emphasise that a search engine is not a newspaper clipping service. However, if I were to access this service today, 200 items would come up. I would have to click on each item at least twice, print that story, double-click twice and go to the next story, which would take an inordinate amount of time. Unless staff can show me a much quicker way of doing it, I believe there is no way of accessing all those clippings at any one time. The clippings are sourced from Media Monitors, to which the Library subscribes.

Mr Speaker, I am more than happy to have some of my printing entitlement used by the Senate for them to print up Media Monitors. Alternatively, will you consider providing to all honourable members the very same service that is available to senators in this place?

The SPEAKER —I will take up the issues raised by the member for Chifley. I suggest that either I or the Clerk will report to him on what is available through AAP. It is self-evident that it is more difficult for the House of Representatives to provide the same service on its budget line as is provided to senators on a similar budget line, given the discrepancy in the numbers. But I will certainly do what I can to meet what is a reasonable request from the member for Chifley for adequate information for members of the House of Representatives.