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Wednesday, 23 May 2018
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Mr LAMING (Bowman) (19:34): Redland Hospital offers incredible service to my electorate under difficult conditions, but the funding over the last two years from the state government has risen only 10 per cent overall, and that is half of the increase in health and hospital funding to other health and hospital areas around Queensland. Why that is is something that will have to be answered by local state Labor MPs, but I want to deliver tonight unfettered the Facebook threads that reflect feedback from my constituents. My job is not to filter their opinions. I asked them yesterday for their verdict on Redland Hospital. Matt Harvey wrote:

Used to work there. It needs an ICU. It needs 24 hour operating theatre availability.

Sheridan Cuyler:

I have children and over the years we have made trips to emergency for two broken limbs, a knee dislocation, stitches and a burst appendix. Apparently there are no funds to staff the paediatric ward at night so children are moved to the adult ward.

Lucy Anne:

A whole overhaul. Buy land over the road, build a new hospital and have a bridge linking the old with the new …

Nicole Lynch:

Redlands hospital need doctors that can do their job properly

Amy Creighton:

ED needs to expand to relieve ambulance ramping times. Also a palliative care ward. Car park expansion.

Dominique Glading:


Kat Lovell

Parking—its shocking!

Tara Young:

I had a baby 13 days ago at the redlands hospital and spent 6 nights there. new computer system—

all of the files were gone. The nurses and midwife couldn't use the system—

for 6 nights and 6 days every single shift NOT one staff knew the system.

Elizabeth Papalia:

Definitely more parking …

Bec Sims:

Im not an employee but parking has recently become a nightmare. Its to the point where one needs to take public transport to a hosptial thats five minutes down the road …

Belinda Hammond- Coleman:

Private emergency section, 24 hr X-ray, more staff, larger waiting room, separate area for drunks and addicts …

Shandi Stevenson:

A carpark, pediatrician 24hrs for emergency, more security, a better mental health unit and more doctors

Marleene Brooks:

Car parking would be a good start!

Chris Aynsley:

Health should be taken away from state … and federally run.

Mersina Bee:

Just there today with my daughter and a broken bone … the parking was shocking. However, the care was exceptional. The nurses and doctors were fantastic. The wait times are not nearly as bad as when I lived in Sydney!

Linda Meredith:

Car park

Emily Wilson:

A bloody car park for afternoon staff. It should not take 45 minutes driving around—

to get a place. Kevin Cuyler:

… I don't think the Redlands Hospital has grown at the same pace as the Redlands has.

Jesse Firebug:

Less wait time in emergency. I was taken in by ambulance and waited in the hall way for an hour on an ambulance bed then was kicked off that to go wait in the waiting room. Absolutely disgusting!

Emma Elder:

I'm not an employee but have 3 family members who work there, as well as 1 recently born there and 1 recently passed away there. Priority is the emergency department, there's not enough beds or staff, it's beyond a joke.

Kym Courtenay:


Hayley Kaur:

More parking

Kerry Conlon:

Palliative care unit …

Chantelle Worth:


Justine Claire:

Private emergency

Es Jay:

I'm not an employee—but more staff. My sick 7 year old and I waited in ED for 2.5 hours before leaving and going home to call a home doctor. There was only a crappy vending machine to get Food for my other child who was waiting with me.

Rowanne McKenzie:

I'm not an employee but a resident with 3 children. Parking is a nightmare. I've had to leave my 9 year old in Emergency by himself while I parked the car down the road. The paediatric ward is not open at night …

Holly Underwood:

Ppl who give a sh#t. Honestly will never go back there have had too many dangerous experiences I hate that hospital.

Patrick Fraser:

If it's still the same as when I was young, doctors who speak English and actually know what they were doing would be great.

Alexander Stormon:

More parking

Honnie Laurine:

More parking! Staff and patients are forced to park on the grass then the council comes and fines each car …

Melanie Jai:

car park.... still for free

Kathryn Ebsworth:

There is not enough high dependency or any intensive care beds for surgical patients to be cared for post operatively so we cannot provide those procedures to patients nor can we take on patients with multiple co-morbidites.

Sophie Lumley:

A fully operational orthopedics wing. When I broke my wrist i couldnt drive for 2 months and had to make the trip all the way to the PA—

and back—

via the shocking public transport ….

Ching Tan:

Car park! - It is the most horrible place to find car park

Jenna Gould:

Staff and training

Scott Trigger:

I'm not an employee however, I was at the ED the other night for 4.5 hours - standing room only. Tiny waiting room that was running at 150% capacity. Oh and maybe Burger Man Chips in the vending machine

Chelsea Conlon:

A complete over haul! I work in the city as a nurse but live in vicky point …

Liza Baudry Jagga:

parking and more staff!

Sarah Doolah:

More doctors on so people who r in emergency can been seen faster

Dane Carlile:

An expansion

Cheri Heisig:

I think security for nurses is a real concern …

Rianne Flanagan:

The parking

Kellie Rose:

A complete overhaul

Sarah Watson:


Ness Crawford:

Greater weekend/after hours services, particularly for adolescent children.

Lance Rentoul:

Less road and traffic congestion.

Emma Head:

ICU Ward

Maeghan Elizabeth, Amy Creighton and Beccy Bush:

Better emergency system.

Louisa Korschenko:

Imagine if redlands had its own fleet of 6 dedicated ambulances …

Rebecca Elms:

A better mental health unit!!!!

Michelle Privitera:

A dermatologist!!

Rosa Davis:

A bigger hospital …

Tania Tuesday:

a better surgical theatre …

Grant Schmidt:

Adequate Car parking:

Ben Parker:

More employees?

Val Campbell:

Lots of demands, but who is going to pay for all of these

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