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Monday, 6 December 1999
Page: 12886

Mr MURPHY (9:51 PM) —Once again I salute Duncan Kerr for his work here, but I did not get on the public record my interjection to the member for Fisher in relation to the bottle of red. I can assure the House that not a drop of the red or the white nectar or any other alcoholic beverage has passed my lips here this evening. But, in a spirit of bipartisanship and as Christmas is coming, I want to take the opportunity to wish the member for Fisher a happy Christmas. I certainly want to wish Bob and Danna Vale a very happy Christmas. I appreciate the contribution of the member for Hughes to this debate. But the hero is Duncan Kerr, the member for Denison and shadow minister for justice and customs. When we get back into government he is going to make a marvellous Minister for Justice and Customs. He is a terrific speaker.

Mrs Bronwyn Bishop —He will be an old man by then!

Mr MURPHY —I do not think so. I think things are looking pretty good for us at the moment. Within the next couple of years, we will be sitting on that side of the House, and perhaps you will say something nice about me and other members of the Labor government, led by Kim Beazley.

I do not want to delay the House any more this evening except to, once again, salute Duncan Kerr for a great job on this bill. It has been a magnificent effort. I have been very happy to participate in the debate. I know Bob and Danna Vale are going to have a great Christmas, and so are the member for Fisher and the member for Mackellar, who is resplendent in a red top here tonight to match the red faces of the government when they back down from this bill. But that is in the past, and we are looking to the future.