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Monday, 6 December 1999
Page: 12812

Mr SWAN —My question without notice is directed to the Prime Minister. Prime Minister, isn't it true that the Australian Taxation Office has ruled that pie drives, book clubs, cake stalls and Lions christmas cakes and mints will be subject to the GST? Will you now admit that your claim that `genuine charitable activities will be GST free' is completely false? If P&C cake stalls and pie drives for kids with disabilities are not genuine charitable activities, what are?

Mr HOWARD (Prime Minister) —I have not maintained that to the honourable member for Lilley, nor indeed to anybody else. It remains the case that the principles I and the government have laid out apply, including the turnover figure of $100,000 in relation to organisations. I do not know of many pie drives that raise $100,000—I would like to believe they could. I do not know of any lamington drives that raise that much. You obviously move in more exalted circles than I do. Most of the pie drives and lamington drives I have been involved in have raised a great deal less than $100,000. I think the member for Lilley is doing what he is very good at—that is, uninformed scaremongering.