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Monday, 6 December 1999
Page: 12803

Ms ELLIS —Last week I had the pleasure of attending Gilmore Primary School in my electorate. Gilmore is named after Dame Mary Gilmore and the school has adopted a tradition of having an annual writing competition. Last week the winners of the Dame Mary Gilmore competition were announced, and it was more than a pleasure to see children from kindergarten up stand up and claim prizes for writing poetry and stories. The kindergarten winner was Matthew Laing; years 1 and 2 winner, Kathryn Daish; years 3 and 4 winner, Joanne Kirchner; years 5 and 6 winner, Stefanie Webb—all very worthy winners. I have to confess surprise and delight to see the enthusiasm and the talent of children so young producing prose and stories so well written.

The highly commended awards went to Emily Walker, Hanna Brown, Tegan Sloan, Julian Brown, Talia Chalmers, Jennifer Daish, Nicole Smith, Sean Martin, Rebecca Lea and Renee Newton. There was also a long list of commended awards. My very warm congratulations to the principal, the teachers, the parents and the P&C at this school. This is now some years that they have been holding the Dame Mary Gilmore writing competition and, as I said, it is an absolute delight, particularly when you see kindergarten children standing up and claiming a prize for writing wonderful poetry and wonderful stories. It is part of my electorate that I think bodes well for the future when you see this example amongst such young children. (Time expired)