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Wednesday, 4 November 1992
Page: 2577

Mr PROSSER (4.33 p.m.) —In regard to the construction of an office block for the Australian Taxation Office at Belconnen, I would like to raise the following points which, in part, the Minister for Small Business, Construction and Customs (Mr Beddall) has already raised. I am pleased to see that the Minister has decided not to go ahead with the gas co-generation plant. The Public Works Committee noted in its report that the Taxation Office requires a reliable power supply comparable with that available from the ACT Electricity and Water grid. Why not use it if it is available, anyway? In modern buildings nowadays, if an emergency power plant is required, it is put into the building rather than a very expensive gas co-generation plant at a cost of $2.85m. I am pleased to see that in this case the Minister has ruled that out.

  I too agree that dimmed lighting is not the right path to go down. I note that the manufacturers—quite rightly, in my view—have expressed their concerns about warranty for their product in regard to a dimmed lighting system. I share that view. I think the switched lighting system is the right way to go. It is a shame that more buildings do not put in a provision for switched lighting. It can bring about substantial lighting savings. It is not detrimental to fluorescent tubes or any other type of lighting and can bring about substantial savings in regard to energy requirements. On that basis, we support the recommendation.

  Question resolved in the affirmative.