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Wednesday, 4 November 1992
Page: 2572

Mr TIM FISCHER —Mr Speaker, in accordance with convention, I would like to ask you a question at this time, immediately after the end of questions without notice. I refer you to the Hansard of Tuesday, 3 November, page 2369 and page 2377. On those pages it records the fact that the Deputy Leader of the Opposition in Question Time used the words:

Is it not a fact that this is just a gross case of double standards for you to cover up your Labor mates in Victoria?

On the second occasion, he said:

I refer the Treasurer to his repeated claims that he kept quiet about the Loan Council scandal cover-up. . .

I now draw your attention to the ruling in part that you gave in Question Time this day on the matter of the word `cover-up'. I seek your clarification as to whether the terminology `cover-up' is parliamentary language and whether it can, therefore, be used in proper context.

Mr SPEAKER —The Leader of the National Party has been here long enough to know that that question is ridiculous. That question about advisory rulings has been asked frequently before. I have told him and his colleagues time and time again that I have no intention of giving advisory rulings. He can ask as often as he likes, and the answer will be the same. I would have thought it would have got through to him by now.