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Monday, 14 October 1991
Page: 1810

Mr BEAZLEY (-Leader of the House) —-It is not intended that that should be so, but I think we are talking to those opposite, if we have not actually talked to them already, as I understand it is being handled at the Leader's level, about the arrangements for that sitting in the House of Representatives. It is not our intention that it would be part of a normal sitting week. It would be for the purpose of that particular occasion. There are obviously a tonne of procedural issues that we are going to have to talk through.

Mr Lloyd —-How many days would we be here? How many times would we meet in this chamber?

Mr BEAZLEY —-Honourable members would come in here only once, for President Bush's address to us. The question as to whether we would sit for the whole week is dependent on other factors, not the appearance of the President. It is on those other factors that we will make a determination as to whether it will be a full sitting week. We have not reached a conclusion on that yet.