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Wednesday, 9 October 1991
Page: 1636

(Question No. 1070)

Mr Langmore asked the Minister for Finance, upon notice, on 11 September 1991:

(1) Are Australia's contributions to each of the UN specialised agencies to be paid on time in 1991-92 as requested by those agencies.

(2) What was or will be Australia's contribution to each of the UN specialised agencies in (a) 1990- 91 and (b) 1991-92.

Mr Willis —-The answer to the honourable member's question is as follows:

(1) The contributions to UN specialised agencies are normally paid on time (at varying times of the year) and in full as requested by the agencies. Australia is one of the few member states which regularly pays its assessments on time and in full.

This will be the case in 1991-92, except that, beginning in 1991, the full payments to the UNESCO and the Food and Agriculture Organisation will be

made about six months later than requested by those organisations--in July instead of in January each year.

This decision freed funds in 1990-91 to meet other pressing commitments within the Foreign Affairs and Trade portfolio.

(2) The contributions to UN specialised agencies for 1990-91 and 1991-92 are as follows:

1990-91 1991-92

(Actual) (Estimate)

($Am) ($Am)( (1))

Food and Agriculture Organisation -- 6.739

International Atomic Energy Agency 3.993 3.403

International Civil Aviation Organisation 0.844 0.886

International Labour Organisation 4.556 3.857

International Maritime Organisation 0.251 0.222

International Telecommunication Union 4.339 4.062

United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation -- 5.163

World Health Organisation 6.211 10.307( (2))

World Intellectual Property Organisation 0.558 0.558

World Meteorological Organisation 0.810 0.822

United Nations Industrial Development Organisation((3)) -- 2.188

Universal Postal Union 0.549 0.506

(1) Estimates are liable to change during the year as exchange rates fluctuate.

(2) The contribution to the World Health Organisation for 1991-92 includes $3.146m in arrears.

(3) Australia will rejoin UNIDO in 1991-92.