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Wednesday, 9 October 1991
Page: 1632

(Question No. 972)

Dr Bob Woods asked the Minister for Aged, Family and Health Services, upon notice, on 20 August 1991:

(1) How many pharmaceutical prescription claims have been lodged (a) in total and (b) in 1990 via the electronic Claims Transmission System (CTS).

(2) What percentage of the total number of pharmaceutical prescription claims are lodged via the CTS.

(3) What savings in administration and operational costs are expected to be achieved in 1991-92 against those costs in 1990-91.

(4) What are the estimated capital savings achievable by having claims submitted via the CTS.

Mr Staples —-The answer to the honourable member's question is as follows:

(1) (a) The total number of pharmaceutical prescription claims lodged in 1990 was approximately 68,600;

(b) The number of CTS pharmaceutical prescription claims lodged for 1990 was approximately 47,500.

(2) 68.8 per cent of all claims submitted during 1990 were claims lodged by the CTS as at 31 December 1990.

(3) Savings in administration for 1991-92 over 1990-91 are $5.5 million. The CTS will be operational for 11 months of this financial year. Savings for a full year are expected to be $6 million.

(4) Nil.