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Tuesday, 26 May 1987
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Mrs DARLING —I direct my question to the Minister for Aviation. I draw the Minister's attention to the enormous interest of Queensland people in the tourism and job potential of the new domestic terminal at the Brisbane Airport. Given this interest, which was shown by the crowds attending the open day organised by the Queensland Cancer Fund, can the Minister indicate when the new airport will come into service?

Mr PETER MORRIS —I thank the honourable member for Lilley for her question. I thank her and our colleagues the Minister for Housing and Construction and the honourable member for Griffith for their co-operation in Sunday's exercise of an open day at the new Brisbane Airport which more than 100,000 people attended to see the work being carried out to provide Queensland with better air services and a much better infrastructure facility--

Mr White —What about the international terminal?

Madam SPEAKER —The honourable member for McPherson has now interjected four times. I suggest he now keep quiet.

Mr Donald Cameron —He said: `The international terminal'.

Madam SPEAKER —That also goes for the honourable member for Moreton.

Mr PETER MORRIS —We were happy to participate in the work done by the Queensland Cancer Fund, to assist it in its great battle against that dreaded illness in this country, cancer, and to assist it in raising substantial amounts of money. We are proud of the level of support given by the people of Brisbane in their attendance at the airport that day. I say to the honourable member for Lilley that I am somewhat nonplussed by the response of the Liberal Party of Australia. The Liberal Party's response, through the honourable member for Ryan, was to refer to the new airport facility, particularly the domestic terminal-I quote from an article, which was brought to my attention and which I happen to have in my pocket-as `the Taj Mahal standard'.

Mr Spender —I take a point of order, Madam Speaker. Once again a Minister who has been asked a particular question is now giving what he alleges is the response or policy of the Liberal Party. He is not, thank God, responsible for that, and should not be allowed to do what he has done.

Madam SPEAKER —I find the Minister in order. I am listening--

Mr PETER MORRIS —On the point of order, Madam Speaker: The question was asked by the honourable member for Lilley in respect of the airport facilities. A subsequent interjection from the shadow Minister for Aviation--

Mr Moore —What did I say?

Mr PETER MORRIS —I am sorry. The honourable member for McPherson asked about the international terminal. My comments relate to the international terminal, following the interjection from the Opposition, and to the domestic terminal. The answer I am giving is perfectly within the confines of the questions raised by the Opposition. The domestic terminal was referred to by the shadow spokesman for aviation, on behalf of the Liberal Party who said: `The Taj Mahal standard of Brisbane domestic terminal is disgraceful'. That was his response to it. We do not see it as disgraceful. We see it as an essential facility that will contribute substantially to the improvement of aviation facilities in Brisbane, and certainly will enhance the opportunities to develop tourism and job potential in Queensland.

The honourable member for McPherson referred to the international terminal. The international terminal was enlarged-I think at a cost of $4.8m-by the previous Government, now the Opposition, in 1981-82 in preparation for the Commonwealth Games. At that time it was seen by that Government as perfectly appropriate. At the moment we are spending $1.7m to upgrade the existing international terminal to increase its passenger check-in capacity by 70 per cent. That work will be completed in a matter of weeks. It will be in operation by mid-July. The Liberal and National parties in government did not plan for a new international terminal to be built at the new Brisbane Airport. They are saying now that what they decided in the past, to expand the existing international terminal, was inadequate-that they were wrong. We will expand the existing terminal. At the same time, we have announced that we will be inviting tenders for the purchase of the existing international terminal, together with the site on the new airport for a new international terminal, and if it is considered desirable, the inclusion of an international hotel-motel. The Opposition parties seem completely unable to grasp the meaning of that statement. The existing international terminal will be upgraded. There will be an invitation for tenders to build a new terminal on a new site at the new airport, and to acquire the existing international terminal. Obviously that will go ahead. It could be done within three or four years, but it will be done on a timescale which the private sector sees as adequate to meet the needs of Queensland.

I conclude with these words: The work being done by this Government to expand Brisbane Airport, to provide better facilities in Queensland for tourism and for development, is work of which we are proud. It includes the construction of a new terminal at Townsville. It includes the completion of a new terminal at Bundaberg. We will continue that work as evidence of the investment, faith and trust that this Government has in the future development of Queensland and of its tourism industry. It is work which we will continue to set and it is work of which this Government is proud.