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Thursday, 2 April 1987
Page: 2052

Mr CHYNOWETH(10.50) —I will respond to a few of the comments made by the honourable member for Mitchell (Mr Cadman). The way in which Question Time in this House is run by you, Madam Speaker, is quite good, but we do have disorderly behaviour by members of the Opposition. Last week the shadow Treasurer, the honourable member for Mackellar (Mr Carlton), tore up bits of paper and really made a fool of himself. Those are the sorts of things that disrupt the House. The honourable member for O'Connor (Mr Tuckey) swaggers up to the microphone in Question Time. That is the sort of thing that turns this chamber into the type of place that it should not be. It is Opposition members' behaviour that actually degenerates this Parliament.

I would also like to talk about the behaviour of, I think, the honourable member for Gippsland (Mr McGauran). He quoted from a newspaper article which stated:

Bob Hawke lets New Zealand supply Australian armed forces with dairy products while the rest of us are told to buy Australian.

The honourable member quoted from a letter which appeared in the Sun newspaper. That was not correct; it was totally wrong. It is a fabrication. All dairy products supplied to the Australian Army come from Australian companies. That is what I have been told and that is what I believe to be correct. The honourable member should check out his facts.

Mr McGauran —Who told you?

Mr CHYNOWETH —The chairman of the country task force.

Opposition members interjecting-

Mr CHYNOWETH —Honourable members opposite might not be able to believe their shadow spokesman on agriculture.

Mr McGauran —Why doesn't he tell us himself?

Mr CHYNOWETH —Because he has not got the call. That is why I have said it. I wish to speak about a very unprofessional-

Opposition members interjecting-

Madam SPEAKER —Order! Tonight we have had two honourable members speak about the abuse of Standing Orders in this House and the disrepute into which the House has been drawn. I remind all honourable members that there is a standing order that makes it out of order for honourable members to converse or to interrupt another member who has the call. I call the honourable member for Dunkley.

Mr CHYNOWETH —Thank you, Madam Speaker. The main subject on which I want to speak tonight concerns some very unprofessional journalism which appeared in the Saturday Extra section of the Age of 14 March 1987 under the heading `Frankston's Clash of the classes'. Even in that headline there is a certain amount of bias on the city of Frankston. It states:

THE GOLD CAR will probably wend its way up Olivers Hill to Mount Eliza after the shopping is done.

Mr McGauran —Tell us about dairy products.

Madam SPEAKER —Order! I do not intend to warn the honourable member for Gippsland again.

Mr CHYNOWETH —It continues:

The sun might catch it as it rises over the crest and then disappears into the vegetation. It will only come down again to shop, perhaps to visit the dance club one night a week or to pass through on its way to the big city . . .

Once among the trees on Mount Eliza, Frankston proper is forgotten.

Even that statement is not correct. The article continues.

Take a sudden plunge from this rarefied altitude. Not five kilometres away is a part of Frankston that many locals consider to be, metaphorically, below sea-level and like the lower circles of Dante's Inferno, beyond redemption. It is an area known to many and visted by few outside those who live there. Forest Pines Housing Commission Estate.

That is not correct. The people of Forest Pines are a great group of people. They have struggled for many years to get over the bigoted and biased attitude that has been demonstrated against them by some journalists and people who do not know what they are all about. It is a very close community. Its members have worked hard. They have been great supporters of many things that have happened in the Frankston area. The article went on to say that there are no trees, that it is a barren area and so on. Once again, that is not correct. There is a part of Frankston, at the end of Excelsior Drive, which is the original heath land. It is the last piece left on the peninsula. The residents of the Pines community are working hard to make certain that the area is kept for all times. I support them in that bid. It is a very good community, and I will not take the sort of slander that is coming through newspapers and from various people who are trying to denigrate members of Forest Pines.

Madam SPEAKER —Order! The honourable member's time has expired.