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Thursday, 26 March 1987
Page: 1665

(Question No. 5116)

Mr Hawker asked the Minister for Primary Industry, upon notice, on 20 February 1987:

(1) How many copies of each of the Government's Rural Policy Action pamphlets have been produced.

(2) What is the cost of producing each pamphlet.

(3) Where have the pamphlets been distributed.

Mr Kerin —The answer to the honourable member's question is as follows:

(1) The print run for each of the 5 pamphlets produced thus far has been 40 000. They are as follows:

1. On the right path: policies and strategies to assist the Rural Sector.

2. A helping hand: the Rural Adjustment Scheme

3. Cost control: containing costs on and off the farm

4. Agricultural marketing and trade strategies

5. Innovative approaches: resources, research and planning

Demand for No. 2, in the RAS, meant that an additional 10 000 were printed.

Nos 6 (Rural and provincial affairs), 7 (Quarantine) and 8 (Export inspection) are in production.

(2) The production costs amounted to $10 000 for each set of pamphlets in the series, totalling $50 000 so far, plus $2000 for the reprint of pamphlet No. 2. The unit cost per pamphlet is thus 25 cents.

(3) A newspaper advertisement was placed to announce the series and to invite subscriptions. To date, 6178 requests have been received and processed. These requesters will automatically receive other pamphlets in the series as they become available. To date, they have received a total of 30 890 pamphlets (nos 1-5).

In addition, the Department did a direct mailing (to organisations such as State departments-a total of some 55 addresses) which accounted for 1079 copies of each pamphlet-a total of 5395. Demand from rural organisations (including that for the reprinted No. 2) accounted for a further 7000 copies.

Total distributed thus amounts to 43 285 pamphlets.

A co-operative arrangement is in place with the New South Wales Farmers Association, whereby 23 000 copies of each pamphlet in the series are being mailed directly with the Association's monthly journal. In this way, 115 000 copies have now been distributed. (Support was sought from a variety of rural organisations but the Association was the only body to respond with a suggestion for distribution. Distribution arrangements with rural organisations in other States are being canvassed.) The full total of pamphlets distributed so far, of the 200 000 printed, amounts to 158 285.