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Monday, 23 March 1987
Page: 1331

Mr BRAITHWAITE —With your indulgence, Madam Speaker, by way of reply: I respect the decision that you have made on this matter. It occurred to me over the weekend that this type of thing is becoming very prevalent in our parliamentary life, on both sides of politics, and the way it was given to you by way of a reference. If a person wants to silence somebody or to stifle a matter within the public arena, even in the Press, it is common practice these days to issue or threaten to issue a writ. While that practice may be condoned in a business sense, I felt that if that sort of thing was intruding on our parliamentary affairs, it was time to give a warning. That is why I made the reference. I made it in all honesty and I accept your decision on it.

Madam SPEAKER —I thank the honourable member for Dawson.