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Wednesday, 7 December 1983
Page: 3468

Question No. 654

Mr Reeves asked the Minister for Transport, upon notice, on 1 November 1983:

(1) What amount of freight have Australian National Railways and the Australian National Line carried for the Northern Territory Government and its statutory authorities in each of the years 1978-79 to 1982-83.

(2) What percentage of the total freight carried in the Northern Territory was carried for the Northern Territory Government and its statutory authorities in each of those years.

Mr Peter Morris —The answer to the honourable member's question is as follows:

(1) Australian National Line-ANL-has advised that the majority of cargo carried is consigned on a full container load basis and ANL as shipowners are unable to determine what percentage is destined for the Northern Territory Government.

Australian National-AN-has similar difficulties separating out the information.

However, figures giving total sea freight loaded and discharged at Northern Territory ports (a) follow:



('000 tonnes)

('000 tonnes)


Inter- Inter- ('000 Year

Coastal national Coastal national tonnes)

1978-79 522 4,770 148 1,072 6,512 1979-80 597 4,909 147 1,242 6,895 1980-81 484 4,524 207 1,350 6,565 1981-82 364 3,689 134 1,109 5,296 1982-83 Figures not yet available

(a) Source: Port Authority Cargo Movements.

AN has provided the following information on rail freight carried between Adelaide and the Northern Territory (a)

Northbound Southbound Total Year

('000 tonnes) ('000 tonnes) ('000 tonnes)

1978-79 113 37 150 1979-80 142 41 183 1980-81 219 72 291 1981-82 271 56 327 1982-83 (b) 379

(a) All figures are approximates and exclude livestock.

(b) 1982-83 figures are estimates.

(2) These figures are unavailable as records are not readily able to be broken down to ascertain goods carried specificially for the Northern Territory Government and its statutory authorities.