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Wednesday, 7 December 1983
Page: 3373

Mr STEELE HALL —I ask the Prime Minister: In view of Mr Justice Hope's findings that there was a real risk that significant damage could have resulted from the disclosures made by the honourable member for Port Adelaide and that it should have been apparent to Mr Young that he should not have made the disclosures, will the Prime Minister assure the House that he will not place the honourable member where his lack of discretion on national security matters can be exhibited again? In particular, will he assure the House that the honourable member for Port Adelaide will not be given responsibility for the Australian Federal Police and the register of lobbyists and will not become a member of the National and International Security Committee?

Mr HAWKE —It seems to me an eminently sensible course of action, if one is looking for advice as to what should properly be done in respect of the allocation of portfolios and whether people are in and out of portfolios, that one should not go to a source which has pre-eminently displayed over the years a complete lack of responsibility for any proper principles. The current Opposition, when in government, displayed an absolute contempt for appropriate principles under the Westminster system. Therefore any suggestion, explicit or implicit, from that Opposition as to how I should conduct myself or what decisions I should make will be rejected with the contempt it deserves.