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Wednesday, 16 November 1983
Page: 2759

Mr HURFORD (Minister for Housing and Construction and Acting Minister for Primary Industry)(11.06) —I move:

That the Bill be now read a second time.

The purpose of this Bill is to enact legislation to validate the payment and collection of amounts under the Live-Stock Slaughter (Export Inspection Charge) Act 1979 and the Live-Stock Slaughter (Export Inspection Charge) Collection Act 1979. The Charge Act was amended by Part XVII of the Export Control ( Miscellaneous Amendments) Act 1982 with effect from 1 January 1983. The title of the first Act and the definition of 'abattoir' in Section 4 of that Act were amended to reflect the repeal of the Exports (Meat) Regulations by the Export Control (General) Regulations made under the Export Control Act 1982 also with effect from 1 January 1983.

The new definition of an abattoir in the Charge Act requires that premises used for the carrying on of operations in connection with the slaughter and dressing of animals from which meat intended for export is obtained be prescribed. In the event such premises were not prescribed. This related to the administration of the previous Government. Fees within the maximum rates of charge set under section 6 of the Charge Act and prescribed by regulation have continued to be collected since 1 January 1983 notwithstanding the failure in the administration of the previous Government premises. Those maximums and the operative rates of charge prescribed in regulation 3 of the charge regulations were increased in the context of the budget with effect from 1 October 1983. The charge regulations are being amended to prescribe premises that are registered premises within the meaning of the Export Control Act 1982 for the purposes of the definition of 'abattoir' in section 4 of the Charge Act. The Bill will overcome a technical deficiency in the legislation which has become apparent. This Bill covers the period from 1 January 1983 until the regulations which I have already signed came into effect. I commend the Bill to honourable members.

Debate (on motion by Mr Braithwaite) adjourned.