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Thursday, 10 November 1983
Page: 2630

Mr BEAZLEY (Special Minister of State)(8.39) —I shall respond very briefly to the honourable member for Boothby (Mr Steele Hall). Deplorable as any rate of inflation always is-certainly we have had substantial rates of inflation in the last few years-I do not think the rate of inflation in the last quarter has managed to reach 100 per cent. Of course, that was the distance between when the Joint Select Committee on Electoral Reform made its recommendation for $1,000 and $200 and when the amendment appeared here. I take the point made by the honourable member. It really is an arbitrary figure, the figure that the Committee arrived at. I guess that, if the Committee had arrived at the figures he has suggested to us, they would have appeared in the Bill and he would possibly now be moving for $3,000 and $500 and we would be saying exactly the same thing to him. In this legislation we have tried to stick as closely as we can, and we have not always been able to do it, to what has been suggested to us by the Committee. This is but one example of that process.

Amendments negatived.