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Thursday, 10 November 1983
Page: 2623

Mr STEELE HALL(6.24) — This is very much a housekeeping amendment. It may not be necessary, depending on how one reads it.

Mr Beazley —We have it in clause 17.

Mr STEELE HALL —I am sorry, I have not put those two clauses together.

Dr Klugman —Our clause 17 is really yours.

Mr Beazley —It is not like yours, but it deals with the same problem as yours deals with.

Mr STEELE HALL —It may deal with the same problem, but does it have an effective solution? I am quite happy to accept it if it does. It is a small point; it is not worth going to town on it. If the Special Minister of State (Mr Beazley) can assure me that he is certain that scrutineers will be present I will accept the Government's amendment because it is not a major part of the Bill.

The CHAIRMAN —Is the honourable gentleman seeking leave to withdraw his amendment or is he not proceeding to move his amendment?

Mr STEELE HALL —We are not proceeding with the amendment.