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Thursday, 10 November 1983
Page: 2616

Dr KLUGMAN(5.37) —I shall take only half a minute. The last two speeches were depressing. No wonder the honourable member for Gwydir (Mr Hunt) left the chamber. He worked hard on the Joint Select Committee on Electoral Reform to work out a system and now he finds that his back bench is completely ignorant. As the honourable member for Boothby (Mr Steele Hall) will undoubtedly realise, registration is completely irrelevant as far as funding or list voting is concerned. A group can be funded without being a registered political party; it can register a list without being a political party.

Mr Cadman —How do you do it?

Dr KLUGMAN —The honourable member should read the Bill. For goodness sake, he should not argue without doing so. An Independent can get funding. One can register a list of preferences without being a political party. The only reason for having a registration system is to protect people against fraud; for example when two or three people nominate for the electorate of Mitchell and call themselves Liberals. It is purely from the point of view of having on the ballot paper--

Mr Cadman —It is unbelievable.

Dr KLUGMAN —It may well be unbelievable, but that is the proposition.

Mr Ruddock —Get rid of it.

Dr KLUGMAN —All right. If we get rid of it a number of people in addition to the honourable member for Dundas will stand as Liberals for the seat of Dundas, and the first person to squeal will be the honourable member for Dundas.

Question put:

That clause 42, as amended, be agreed to.