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Thursday, 10 November 1983
Page: 2607

Mr BLANCHARD(4.41) —I want to speak briefly to this clause because I think the fears expressed by honourable members opposite are bogus fears, ones that will not come to pass. I remind the House that the Representation of the People Bill, I think in 1948, in England produced what was known then as the 'Y' voters' list. The 'Y' voters' list allowed-

Mr Hodgman —'Y' voter?

Mr BLANCHARD —The 'Y' stands for young voter, for the elucidation of the honourable member for Denison. The 'Y' voters' list allowed for the electoral office to put more speedily on to the roll those persons who attained the age of 21. As was mentioned by another speaker earlier, this was designed to facilitate that process and in so doing encourage potential young voters to take an interest in the political process, stimulate their interest and, hopefully, encourage them to vote when they were due to vote.