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Wednesday, 19 October 1983
Page: 1968

Mr RUDDOCK(7.28) —I move:

(4) Page 26, after clause 34, insert the following new clause:

Insertion of new section 74A

''34A. After section 74 of the Principal Act the following section is inserted:

Variations in maintenance payable in respect of children

'74A. (1) The regulations may provide for the annual variation of orders for the payment of maintenance in respect of children by reference to variations in the cost of providing for a child ascertained from estimates of the cost of providing for a child published by the Australian Statistician.

'(2) Where regulations have been made under sub-section (1), an order that is made under this Act for the payment of maintenance in respect of a child has effect, subject to any order of the court that made the first-mentioned order or of any other court, as from each anniversary of the making of the order as if the order had been varied in accordance with the regulations.'.''.

The amendment deals with variations in maintenance payable in respect of children. I am sure all honourable members are very much aware that in the area of maintenance payments by a spouse to keep children of a marriage, arrangements are made for an order which will fix a specific amount that will be paid in relation to that child until the order is terminated or unless one of the parties that has been ordered to pay has died or unless there is a further variation of the maintenance.

Consideration interrupted.

The DEPUTY CHAIRMAN (Mr Millar) —Order! It being 7.30 p.m. I shall report progress.

Progress reported.