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Wednesday, 19 October 1983
Page: 1954

Mr NEWMAN(5.53) —I cannot support the first amendment moved by my colleague the honourable member for Mitchell (Mr Cadman). I pick up a point made by the honourable member for Dundas (Mr Ruddock) in this debate. He said that the amendment of the honourable member for Mitchell was aimed at bringing the Family Law Amendment Bill and the amendments into disrepute. It is unfortunate that he said that because I do not think that that is the honourable member's intention. I just make that point, although I am sure he can speak for himself. I know what his intentions are in this regard. Much of what the honourable member for Dundas had to say about his objections to this amendment to change the name was valid. I would go further and suggest to the honourable member for Mitchell that in the amendments which are foreshadowed he is trying to go to the heart of his argument for changing the name. That is, he is suggesting that we should be doing more to achieve reconciliation before the final dissolution of the marriage by having a procedure which helps people who have separated but who have not reached that final stage and that with the benefit of proper counselling their marriage may be saved. So without saying any more, I put it to the honourable member that perhaps there is an inconsistency, for the reasons I have just explained, and in this case it might be better to leave the title as it is.