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Wednesday, 19 October 1983
Page: 1923

Mr PEACOCK —Does the Minister for Finance recall saying yesterday that the letter from the Deputy Commissioner of Taxation in Western Australia substantiated that 'in no way will we'-that is the Dawkins family-'be subject to the provisions of the unpaid company tax Act'? I ask the Minister whether he said:

This letter from the Deputy Comissioner indicates that there is no liability for this company . . . in relation to these bottom of the harbour activities.

Does the letter, on the contrary, reveal that Coomel Pty Ltd and the Dawkins family are subject to the provisions of the Act and do have a liability and that this liability may be avoided only because the Deputy Commissioner expects to use his discretion to relieve Coomel of its recoupment liability? If so, why did the Minister once again deceive the House over the real contents of the Commissioner's letter?

Mr DAWKINS —The Opposition has come an absolute gutser on this one and it knows it. I do not know why it just does not confess, why it just does not acknowledge the fact that is has really-

Mr Tuckey —You misled the House.

Mr DAWKINS —Oh, yes! We have misled the House, have we? Oh, yes, here is the man who makes unsubstantiated claims, quite dishonest claims, has no regard to the truth whatsoever, and expects me and everyone else in here to take him seriously . As far as the Leader of the Opposition is concerned, we want to know a bit more about some of the people he happens to be harbouring on his front bench. Does he have, for instance, pecuniary interest statements from all the members of his front bench? Does he know how many others of his front benchers are to receive assessments under the unpaid company tax legislation? Is that the real reason why the Opposition will not participate in the declarations of pecuniary interest? No one in this Parliament-probably no one in the history of this Parliament-has revealed as much about his own personal affairs as I have. Nothing in what I have revealed does other than confirm everything I have said in relation to the matters to which the Leader of the Opposition referred in his pathetic attempt to re-write history. Members of the Opposition are very disappointed that the letter from the Taxation Commissioner gave the wrong advice as far as they were concerned. I said entirely what the Commissioner said -that there was no liability. That is a matter which disappoints the Opposition enormously.