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Tuesday, 11 October 1983
Page: 1560

Mr HUMPHREYS(5.33) —I will not be too long. I wish to ask the Minister for Administrative Services (Mr John Brown) a question relating to page 124 of the explanatory notes for the Department of Administrative Services and the purchase of vehicles and equipment for the Department. The explanatory notes state:

This item provides for replacement of vehicles and ancillary equipment . . .

I would like the Minister to give the Committee the assurance that when those vehicles are purchased to replace our vehicles priority will be given to vehicles that are manufactured in Australia. If they are not wholly manufactured in Australia they should at least be assembled in Australia. I hope that the Minister will not purchase too many fully imported vehicles.

I think that the Minister is well aware-he answered a question in Parliament today on this matter-of the problems associated with General Motors-Holden's Ltd at Acacia Ridge. I think that at all times the Minister should ensure that whatever purchases are made by the Department of Administrative Services in the motor vehicle area, the vehicles will not be fully imported and that they will be manufactured or at least assembled in Australia. I ask the Minister to pay attention to that matter. Maybe he will be able to explain that point to the House.