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Tuesday, 11 October 1983
Page: 1535

Mr TUCKEY —Can the Minister for Finance assure the House that he has not been involved in any way with bottom of the harbour tax transactions?

Mr Gear —Can you?


Mr DAWKINS —I suppose I have been involved to one extent; that is, to introduce into this House legislation which would recoup the money which was stolen from the Australian taxpayers by, amongst others, members influential in the Western Australian branch of the Liberal Party. As far as my personal conduct is concerned, absolutely no.

While I am on my feet, I might just indicate that the honourable member for O' Connor became a member of this place with an impeccable record, not only in terms of his commercial and personal practice but also, of course, in terms of his political practice. I should advise the House that, prior to the 1974 State election, one Wilson Tuckey approached the Australian Labor Party seeking preselection for the State seat of Gascoyne.

Mr Tuckey —That's a bloody lie! You wrote your own record.

Mr SPEAKER —Order! The House will come to order. The Minister will resume his seat.

Mr Tuckey —Mr Speaker, a personal explanation.

Mr SPEAKER —When the House comes to order, if you are raising a point of order you will be called. I call the honourable member for O'Connor on a point of order.

Mr Tuckey —I have a point of order that is a personal explanation.

Mr SPEAKER —No. The honourable member for O'Connor will-

Mr Tuckey —I claim to have been misrepresented.

Mr SPEAKER —You will resume your seat. You are allowed to raise a point of order . You are aware when personal explanations can be made. I call the Minister for Finance.

Mr DAWKINS —One Wilson Tuckey approached the then State Secretary of the Australian Labor Party seeking endorsement for the State seat of Gascoyne which covers the town of Carnarvon. However, the Labor Party thought long and hard about this application and then treated it with the derision that it deserved. However, this Wilson Tuckey character was not satisfied with that rebuff. He then approached the putative National Alliance, which was a combination of the then Country Party of Western Australia and the Democratic Labor Party. This was going to be the restoration of the Country Party's and DLP's fortunes in Western Australia. It survived one election, just long enough for Wilson Tuckey to be endorsed and to stand for the seat--

Mr SPEAKER —Order! I remind the Minister for Finance that it is still required that the honourable member be referred to by his electorate.

Mr DAWKINS —I am sorry, the honourable member for O'Connor. Anyway, he ran a long third. Having pursued those two political options, he then, of course, sought preselection for the seat of O'Connor for the Liberal Party prior to the 1980 election. It is worth noting that even that action was not entirely without event, because when he made his application he indicated on his nomination form that the then Premier of Western Australia, Sir Charles Court, was prepared to supply a character reference for him. The Premier objected violently to that suggestion; so the now member for O'Connor had to resubmit his application.

Mr SPEAKER —Order! I hope the Minister is rounding off his answer because it is hard to see its relevance.

Mr DAWKINS —I am. Finally, he was endorsed by the Liberal Party to stand for the seat of O'Connor, the most immediate result of which was that the entire Esperance branch of the Liberal Party resigned.