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Thursday, 22 September 1983
Page: 1171

Dr HARRY EDWARDS —In directing my question to the Minister for Science and Technology I compliment the Prime Minister on his action in resolving the dispute between the Minister and the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation in favour of the CSIRO. I ask the Minister whether, following his welcome announcement that the ANAHL is to be commissioned for diagnostic work without delay and for limited research work, he will assure the House that the funds required for commissioning-about $800,000-will be provided forthwith?

Mr McVeigh —Tell us the truth. You got rolled.

Mr BARRY JONES —I repudiate any suggestion that I was rolled at all. Read the answer and read it very carefully.

Mr SPEAKER —Order! The Minister will answer the question, address the Chair, and ignore interjections.

Mr BARRY JONES —One of the reasons that there is a representative of the Department of Finance on the Fenner Committee, the announcement of which was made earlier in Question Time, is that we will have a precise indication of just what is needed in terms of staff and money. If the honourable member for Berowra has been trying to get precise figures, as I have been trying to do, he will recognise that there is some difference of opinion as to precisely how much is required. We have an expert committee, including representatives of the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation, primary industry, the National Farmers' Federation, and the most expert virologist in the business . I am confident that the recommendation that will come out of that will have the support of the ministerial committee and will be passed on to the Government promptly.

Dr Harry Edwards —Mr Speaker, I take a point of order. The amount allocated in the Budget was zero. So I can well attest that there is some difference between zero and $800,000.

Mr SPEAKER —Order! There is no point of order.