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Wednesday, 21 September 1983
Page: 1071

Mr PEACOCK —Let us see whether we can fix up our policy on uranium, then, instead of playing politics. My question to the Prime Minister is supplementary to the answer that he gave to me just a moment ago. I ask him how he squares his answer that it was his belief that Roxby would proceed with the firm, unequivocal announcement to the Business Council of Australia-I was there and I heard it, as did other members-and I quote from the Weekend Australian of 3-4 September reporting it:

In Sydney yesterday he-

that is, the Prime Minister-

told the inaugural lunch of the Business Council of Australia that 'as far as our Government is concerned'-

no personal belief-

'the Federal Government, and the Government of South Australia, the Roxby development is going ahead, and nothing is going to stop that'.

I reiterate that that was a Government announcement, not his personal belief. What or who caused the significant change, or did he simply mislead the Business Council in the first place?

Mr HAWKE —There was no misleading of the Business Council.

Opposition members interjecting--

Mr HAWKE —Events will turn out to show whether or not my statement is accurate. I expressed to the Business Council a belief of what the position of the Government would be, on my interpretation of the position. I repeat that I believe that the statement I made, based on my interpretation, will turn out to be accurate.