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Thursday, 15 September 1983
Page: 895

Mr PEACOCK —Does the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Trade agree that in the course of a reply to a question yesterday he said that he and the Foreign Minister 'agreed to disagree on a few minor matters'? Why is it that he dummied the record and had that remark deleted from Hansard? Secondly, is one of the areas of disgreement the $10m donated by the previous Government to assist Lebanon, which the Foreign Minister praised today and which the Deputy Prime Minister described last year as 'a supercilious thing to do'?

Mr LIONEL BOWEN —Let me come to the first part of the question. I have no recollection of dummying the Hansard. I did not touch the Hansard. The Leader of the Opposition might like to show it to me and if those words are not in it I will have them included.

Mr Peacock —You are responsible for their being deleted.

Mr LIONEL BOWEN —I would not say that was so at all. I am not responsible for their being deleted. The question is: Were they in fact deleted? The Leader of the Opposition might be able to show me the Hansard and, if they were deleted, I will arrange for them to be included.

The other matter to which the honourable member referred was Lebanon. He made a rather unfortunate remark about my presence last Sunday at a church function, which was a requiem mass-

Mr Peacock —I am referring to your remarks last year.

Mr LIONEL BOWEN —I do not know what the evidence for that is-

Mr Peacock —The PM program transcript.

Mr LIONEL BOWEN —As being a supercilious effort. I do not at all think that is the correct way to interpret it.

Mr Peacock —Then I will get another one.

Mr LIONEL BOWEN —The honourable member should contain himself for a minute. He is anxious. Perhaps in future-

Mr SPEAKER —Order! The House will come to order. The House will hear the Minister for Trade without interruption. The Leader of the Opposition will cease interjecting.

Mr LIONEL BOWEN —I just want to make the point that in respect of-

Honourable members interjecting-

Mr SPEAKER —I remind honourable members that they are only wasting Question Time . Has the Minister for Trade finished his answer?

Mr LIONEL BOWEN —I will answer the question when the honourable member has references which he can show me.

Mr Peacock —I have sent for it. As soon as-

Mr SPEAKER —I call the honourable member for Petrie.

Mr Peacock —If it is available I will-

Mr SPEAKER —Order! The Leader of the Opposition does not have the call. I call the honourable member for Petrie.

Mr Peacock —Mr Speaker, I take a point of order-

Mr SPEAKER —There is no point of order. I have called the honourable member for Petrie.