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Wednesday, 14 September 1983
Page: 859

Question No. 146

Dr Klugman asked the Minister for Home Affairs and Environment, upon notice, on 17 May 1983:

(1) What is the procedure for putting the Badgery's Creek-Luddenham area in the electoral division of Prospect on the World Heritage List.

(2) Is it a fact that this area is one of the oldest in Australia.

(3) Is it also a fact that there is no exact replica of the combination of the flora and fauna of this area anywhere else in Australia.

(4) Will he arrange with the Minister for Finance for donations to the local anti-airport organisation to be tax-deductible, if channelled through the Australian Conservation Foundation.

Mr Cohen —The answer to the honourable member's question is as follows:

(1) It would be expected in the first instance that, if any area is so outstanding as to be considered for nomination to the World Heritage List, it would already be entered on the Register of the National Estate. As the Badgery' s Creek-Luddenham area is not in this category at present, a fully-documented nomination for the Register of the National Estate should be prepared for submission to the Australian Heritage Commission. Otherwise, the normal procedure to initiate a nomination for the World Heritage List would be for the Premier of New South Wales to request the Prime Minister to take the necessary action.

(2) Yes, but that does not make it unique.

(3) Yes.

(4) Donations made to a local anti-airport organisation do not qualify for deduction in terms of the specific provisions of the income tax law relating to gifts. Gifts to the value of $2 upwards made to the Australian Conservation Foundation Incorporated are, however, allowable as deductions under the gift provisions of the income tax law. I am advised that should a gift be made to the Australian Conservation Foundation by a donor who expresses a preference that the gift be applied in a particular manner that is consistent with the objects of the Foundation, the gift would qualify for deduction provided that it was made in such a manner that the Foundation remained free to choose whether or not to apply the gift in accordance with the preference expressed by the donor.