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Wednesday, 14 September 1983
Page: 808

Mr SPENDER(9.24) —I wish to raise one or two points on which the Minister may be able to help me. First of all, the Minister said that the amendment which has just been circulated deals with catastrophic cases, when a number of visits or occasions of medical attention may be required, or with chronic cases. I have not had time to read the proposed amendment adequately and to tie it into the balance of the Bill and the principal legislation. Can the Minister tell the Committee where, by definition as it were, catastrophic or chronic conditions are brought into operation in respect of proposed new section 10? Secondly, can he inform the Committee whether the proposed amendment would apply where a charge in excess of the relevant fee specified is made by a doctor and paid, assuming one reaches the relevant amount for the year? Thirdly, has the Government costed the effect of these proposals? If so, were they included in the Minister's original second reading speech? If not, what are the additional costs of the proposals?