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Tuesday, 13 September 1983
Page: 715

Ms FATIN(10.45) —Tonight I rise to congratulate both the Federal Government and the Western Australian State Government for the wage pause program grants made this week in my Federal electorate of Canning. Total money allocated in Canning amounts to $287,669. In all, 50 jobs will be created and 50 men and women in Canning will have the dignity of a job, even if only for a short time. As is known, jobs created under the wage pause program and the new Commonwealth employment program are to give the long term unemployed and disadvantaged in our community the opportunity to gain work experience.

My first priority as the member for Canning is to do everything within my power to bring work to the jobless for I recognise the tragic plight of men and women faced with unemployment. It is because of this priority that I am proud tonight to mention the councils, community groups and organisations which have been successful in gaining funding for their projects. These bodies are to be congratulated for their community spirit in applying for funds to create jobs. I urge them and others to further apply for the substantial funds which are now available under the community employment program.

Within the electorate of Canning, there have been successful sponsors. The city of Gosnells was given a grant for work by a drafting team. The grant of $25,309 will be for one job for a draftsperson for 26 weeks, and two jobs for drafting officers for 26 weeks. The Combined Services Club in Rockingham for work on the Warnbro Sound fishing reef, was given a grant of $34,088. The jobs created will be one for a leading hand for 12 weeks and nine for process workers for four weeks. The Apex Club of Gosnells received a grant for work on the Apex park at Wilkinson Homestead. The amount of the grant is $34,558. There will be a job for one bricklayer for one week, one bricklayer/labourer for one week, one carpenter for one week, one gardner for four weeks, four labourers for 16 weeks, one supervisor for 12 weeks and one carpenter/labourer for 12 weeks. The shire of Rockingham was given a grant for work to construct a playground and equipment for that playground. The grant is $59,235. The jobs that will be created are for two leading hands/truck drivers for 19.5 weeks and four reserve attendants for 19.5 weeks. The town of Armadale received a grant for recreation facilities. The grant will be $120,549. The jobs that will be created are four stone layers for 16 weeks, two truck drivers for 16 weeks, 12 labourers for 16 weeks and two concrete finishers for 16 weeks. The shire of Serpentine/Jarrahdale received its grant for work at the Byford Hall and war memorial. The grant is $13,930 for one horticulturist for 26 weeks. This is a total fo $287,669 and there will be 223 weeks' work.