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Tuesday, 13 September 1983
Page: 669

Mr STEELE HALL(4.16) —I join the honourable member for Prospect (Dr Klugman), the Chairman of the Joint Select Committee on Electoral Reform, in thanking the members of the Secretariat who so ably supported the Committee's work, the members of the public for their many submissions which facilitated the study that the Committee undertook, and the officers of the Australian Electoral Office for their sustained effort in providing information and backup material to members of the Committee. I, as one of the members of the Committee who came under the discipline of the Chairman, thank him fo the very good-natured but efficient way in which he conducted his duties. I thought he kept the Committee on the rails when at times perhaps it may have wandered off into a very wide subject indeed. However, I and other members of the Committee were under no illusions as to our Chairman's very firm views on electoral matters and his sustained support of his Party's viewpoint in that Committee. But it was a pleasure to serve under his chairmanship.

There was certainly a very heavy flow of representations from the public which required a great amount of study. Of course there will be a great amount of material with which one could and will find dispute, as has been shown by the dissenting reports, some of which I contributed to. But no criticism of the recommendations should in any way reflect on the conduct of the Committee of which, as I have said, I found it a pleasure to be a member. I am sure that the ensuing debate will be vigorous and will inevitably reflect party viewpoints, but on the other hand I believe it will be that much better steered and directed because of the quality of the report before the House. I seek leave to continue my remarks later, Mr Deputy Speaker.

Leave granted; debate adjourned.