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Wednesday, 7 September 1983
Page: 530

Mr IAN CAMERON(7.55) —Tonight I wish to refer to the Business Review Weekly and the excellent article in this week's edition by Andrew Stewart entitled 'Why Queensland is still in Front'. We all know the reason is the excellent government of the Bjelke-Petersen-led coalition over the last 26 years . I seek leave to have this article incorporated in Hansard. It is an excellent article on the growth of Queensland and the reason why it is growing so rapidly.

Mr DEPUTY SPEAKER (Hon. Les Johnson) —In conformity with the determination made by the Speaker and the previous Speaker I am unable to expand the debate. The honourable member is required to speak his words into Hansard.

Mr IAN CAMERON —Thank you, Mr Deputy Speaker. The economy and population, as we all know, are still growing in Queensland at twice the national average. Five new coal mines are opening up and there has been a population increase of 3.5 per cent. Queensland's underlying strength is its survival. The population and economy are growing faster than in any other State in Australia.

At this juncture I would like to inform members of the Opposition and tell my friend the honourable member for Petrie (Mr Wells), who indicated last night that I was not able to shear, that I am prepared to knock a few dags off the wool blind members on that side of the House. I am sorry that my friend the honourable member for Casey (Mr Steedman) has left. I would be quite happy to ring and wig him because, no doubt, he needs it more than anyone else.

Labor was previously in office for 50 years in Queensland. We were then the biggest socialist State in Australia. How any Queenslander could vote Labor back into office is beyond my thinking. The Australian Labor Party is trying to promote a soap suds Omo-type leader on television in Queensland. It is the same sort of promotion that the honourable member for Wills (Mr Hawke) received. This system will not work. The people of Queensland will not buy this person in his nice white Omo shirt. We in the north are not the sort of people to accept that kind of leader. Joh Bjelke-Petersen has given good leadership for the last 26 years. We believe that that leadership will continue and that the coalition will be re-elected.

Mr Cunningham —What coalition?

Mr IAN CAMERON —The Liberal-National Party coalition will be re-elected to government in Queensland in the coming elections. Southern firms are still migrating to Queensland in droves. A new industry, Enterprise Queensland, has been commenced. This is attracting all sorts of money from Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong. This is the sort of free enterprise money that is needed to get Queensland moving, the sort of money that will not go to the southern States which are governed by my friends the socialists on the opposite side of the House. None of that money will end up in Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia or Western Australia.

Queensland was the first State to introduce a State housing scheme. Housing commencements have risen from 27,000 last year to 35,000 this year. In the south jobs are lost forever. In Queensland there is just a lull and we are off and running again. Why do honourable members think so many southerners are coming to Queensland? It is not just the sunshine and the friendly smiles. They will get jobs in that part of Australia. Queensland and the National Party Government are prepared to give them jobs.

Queensland is a State with a long term population growth. Queensland can still manage a 2 per cent real growth with the economy, as it is, bottomed out and likely to go down even further. Ten years ago only one merchant bank was established in Queensland and now 32 are operating. It is a free enterprise system. People are prepared to put their money where their mouth is, create jobs and get the place going. Death duties have been abolished. What do my friends on the opposite side of the House want to do? They want to reintroduce death duties . They are not happy to tax us to death while we are living, they want to tax us when we are dead, for God's sake! The Bjelke-Petersen Government abolished death duties in 1977, and the money from the southern States has flowed to that part of Australia ever since and will continue to flow and create more jobs and new buildings.

Mr DEPUTY SPEAKER (Hon. Les Johnson) —Order! The honourable member's time has expired.

Question resolved in the affirmative.

House adjourned at 8 p.m.