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Wednesday, 24 August 1983
Page: 247

Question No. 210

Mr Reeves asked the Minister for Employment and Industrial Relations, upon notice, on 24 May 1983:

What are the total amounts of all expenditures and/or capital works programs undertaken by the Minister's Department in or related to the Northern Territory for each year from 1978-79 to 1982-83 which were not covered by general or specific grants to the Northern Territory.

Mr Willis —The answer to the honourable member's question is as follows:


1978-79 4,023,675

*1979-80 4,262,982

1980-81 5,276,325

1981-82 6,167,754

1982-83 6,623,197

The above amounts include expenditure under employment training and assistance schemes, and for salaries, overtime and administrative expenses for the following Departments and Statutory Authorities.

Department of Employment and Industrial Relations (May 1982 to June 1983)

former Department of Employment and Youth Affairs (Dec. 1978 to May 1982)

former Department of Industrial Relations (Dec. 1978 to May 1982)

former Department of Employment and Industrial Relations (June to Dec. 1978)

Conciliation and Arbitration Commission

Public Service Arbitrator's Office

Australian Trade Union Training Authority

former Industrial Relations Bureau

There were no capital works programs undertaken in the Northern Territory by any of these Departments and Statutory Authorities during the years 1978-79 to 1982-83.

* For 1979-80 the former Department of Industrial Relations did not separately cost State/Territory salaries expenditure for its own staff and those of the Conciliation and Arbitration Commission, and the amounts are therefore unavailable.