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Wednesday, 24 August 1983
Page: 238

Mr HODGMAN(11.17) —For the benefit of honourable members on both sides of the chamber, I indicate that the Opposition will not call for a division again tonight on this matter. I just want to ask the Minister for Immigration and Ethnic Affairs (Mr West) where on earth he is now going. He has amended what he put to us barely days ago by taking out reference to people who incite and who attempt to incite, but fail. In other words, if persons are convicted of attempted treason, sabotage, sedition or treachery but not, thanks to the result of the last vote, attempted spying, the Government will not be able to deport them. I invite any lawyer worth his or her salt to tell me why the Government is going to reward people who are unsuccessful in their attempt to commit crime. The person who commits sabotage will be deported. The person who tries to sabotage but mucks it up will not be deported. The person who harbours a Soviet spy can do that as much as he likes and as long as he likes and the Hawke Government will say: 'Brother, you are welcome in our ranks. We are not going to deport you'.

As I said earlier tonight the Minister has made history by creating in this country something which I think would be unique in the Western world-that is, the sanctity and the safety of spies. That he should do this when the Hope Royal Commission on Australia's Security and Intelligence Agencies is still sitting is unbelievable. It is bad enough that the Government has now legislated for an Australian A1 Capone to be as safe as a church after 10 years and one day in Australia. But when, in the provisions of this legislation, the Government adds spies but leaves out inciters and those who attempt to incite I say to the honourable member for Port Adelaide (Mr Young) that he has some funny friends and that he ought to get a new lawyer.

Amendments agreed to.

Clause, as amended, agreed to.

Proposed new clause 11A (Definition of permanent resident).