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Wednesday, 24 August 1983
Page: 184

Mr SINCLAIR —by leave-While I commend the Minister for Home Affairs and Environment (Mr Cohen) for his rhetoric, I am not too sure that there is any easy elixir for film making success as he has acknowledged. The Opposition is a little concerned that we are moving into these days of change at a time when the honourable gentleman is suggesting that we need to promote stability. The Opposition would like to see the details of the legislation as I suspect will every potential and prospective investor in the industry before being aware of the exact character of these new changes and what they might mean. Indeed, I regard it as rather regrettable that so many frequent changes have been made to the tax incentives for the industry. If there is to be stability it will never be engendered, every time there is a piece of legislation, by revamping budgets and trying to determine just what will occur.

The Opposition finds itself in complete agreement with the general objectives the Minister has outlined. I think that members of the Parliament universally acknowledge the tremendous achievements that have been made in recent years in developing both film-making techniques and the films themselves. The degree to which funds are being provided to maintain investment in the Australian Film and Television School, in the nationwide programs of short courses and the national graduate diploma course is certainly a very commendable effort and one which the Opposition endorses. I trust that the legislation will appear before the Parliament fairly shortly. Then, after careful consideration, we can make our detailed observations to ensure that the legislation achieves the long term objectives of stability which we, on this side of the House, certainly believe need to be present if we are to maintain and continue to develop a proper and effective film-making industry in this country.