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Tuesday, 23 August 1983
Page: 119

Question No. 235

Mr Blanchard asked the Minister for Administrative Services, upon notice, on 25 May 1983:

(1) What property is (a) owned and (b) leased by the Commonwealth in the following subdivisions of the Electoral Division of Moore; (i) Duncraig, (ii) Gingin, (iii) Girrawheen, (iv) Greenwood, (v) Mundary, (vi) Pearce and (vii) Wanneroo.

(2) In each of the cases referred to in part (1), to what purpose is the land or property put and by which organisation.

(3) Where the Commonwealth is leasing property or land, from whom is it being leased.

Mr John Brown —The answer to the honourable member's question is as follows:

(1) (a) (i) Subdivision of Duncraig: (owned properties)

Lot 61 Leach Street, Marmion: Marine Research Laboratory-CSIRO.

(ii) Subdivision of Gingin: (owned properties)

Lot 5 McNamara Road, Badgingarra: Automatic Exchange-Telecom

Lot 13 Great Northern Highway, Bindoon: Automatic Exchange-Telecom

Melbourne Location 3952, Bibby: Springs, Dandaragan Automatic Exchange-Telecom

Escape Island: Lighthouse-Transport

Swan Location 8011, Gingin: Airfield- Defence

Lot 123 Brockman Street, Gingin: Post Office-Postal Commission

Lot 124/5 Brockman Street, Gingin: Line Depot-Telecom

Pt. Lot 1 Weld Street, Gingin: Exchange and dwelling-Telecom

Lot 1 Gingin Brook Road, Gingin: Automatic Exchange-Telecom

Lot 238 Bashford Street, Jurien: Automatic Exchange-Telecom

Lot 1 Black Arrow Road, Jurien Bay: Depot-Telecom

Melbourne Locations 1,309, 3,989, 4,004, Lancelin: Gunnery Range and Training Area-Defence

Lot 451 King Street, Lancelin: Automatic Exchange-Telecom

Lot 435 Walker Avenue, Lancelin: Navigation Direction Beacon-Aviation

Lot 3 Glover/Wells Road, Mooliabeenie: Automatic Exchange-Telecom

Lot 6 Road No. 6,486, Muchea: Automatic Exchange-Telecom

Lot 1 Road No. 2,062, Wannamal: Automatic Exchange-Telecom

Lot 1 Road No. 4,413, Waddi Forest: Automatic Exchange-Telecom

(iii) Subdivision of Girrawheen: (owned properties)

Lot 23 Girrawheen Avenue, Girrawheen: Exchange-Telecom

Pt. Lot 1 Gnangara Road, Gnangara: Radio Transmitter-OTC

(iv) Subdivision of Greenwood: (owned properties)

Lot 300 Whitfords Avenue, Kingsley: Telephone Exchange-Telecom

(v) Subdivision of Mundaring: (owned properties)

Part Lot 39 Great Eastern Highway and Nichol Street, Mundaring: Post Office Site-Postal Commission

Lot 24 Darlington Road and Montrose Avenue, Darlington: Telephone Exchange- Telecom

Lot 20 Railway Parade and Hardey Road, Glenforrest: Automatic Exchange-Telecom

Lot 38 Innamincka Road, Greenmount: Telephone Exchange-Telecom

Lot 106 Margolin Road, Greenmount: Outer Marker Beacon Site-Aviation

Lot 10 Marquis and Evan Streets, Mount Helena: Automatic Exchange-Telecom

Lot 49 Great Eastern Highway, Mundaring: Telephone Exchange-Telecom

Lots 73 and 74 Hodgson and Craig Streets, Mundaring: Observatory and House- Resources and Energy

Lot 1, off Beacon Road, Parkerville: Outer Locator Beacon Site-Aviation

Lot 136 Owen and Byfield Road, Parkerville: Automatic Exchange-Telecom

Pt. Lot 1 Great Northern Highway Toodyay Road, Viveash: Line Depot-Telecom

Lot 1 Linley Valley Road, Wooroloo: Automatic Exchange-Telecom

(vi) Subdivision of Pearce: (owned properties)

Lots 6 and 7 Bullsbrook Road, Bullsbrook: Telephone Exchange/Trunk Line Equipment Store-Telecom

Lot 1/124 Great Northern Highway, Bullsbrook: Unallocated House-Admin. Services

Lot 2/124 Great Northern Highway, Bullsbrook: Unallocated House-Admin. Services

Swan Location 1, 565 West Road, Bullsbrook: No. 3 Telecommunications Unit- Defence

Lot 1 Swan Location 2,466, Pearce, East Bullsbrook: Bore Sites-Defence

Lot 153 Caporn Street and Great Northern Highway, East Bullsbrook: Vacant Residential Site-Army and Airforce Canteen Service

Swan Location 8,652 Chittering Road, East Bullsbrook: Water Supply Tanks- Defence

Pt. Lot 1 Chittering Road, East Bullsbrook: Operations Site-Defence

Lot 2 Smith Road, East Bullsbrook: Surplus Gravel Pit-Admin. Services

Ptn. Swan Location 1,467 West Road, Pearce: Radar Site-Defence

Ptn. Swan Locations G1 and H Bounded by Harrow Street and Youle Dean Road Caversham: Transmitting Signal Station-Defence

Lot 77 Caversham Avenue, Caversham: ILS Locator Site-Aviation

Ptn. Swan Location K (Lot 41), Coast Road, West Swan: ILS Outer Marker Site- Aviation

Ptn. Swan Locations 1,336, 5,304, 5,462, 7,162, 91, 1,337, 1,352, 1,396, 2,736, East Bullsbrook: Pearce RAAF Base-Defence

(vii) Subdivision of Wanneroo: (owned properties)

Lot 89 Wanneroo Road, Wanneroo: Vacant land-Postal Commission

Lot 53 Wanneroo Road, Wanneroo: Exchange and Microwave Tower-Telecom

Lot 23/25 Marmion Avenue, Craigie: Exchange- Telecom

Swan Location 7,501, Wanneroo Road, Neerabup: Automatic Exchange-Telecom

(1) (b) (i) Subdivision of Duncraig: (leased properties)

Whitford Shopping Centre, Hillarys: Shop 7 Post Office Suit T Senator's Office- Postal Commission Special Minister of State

Suites L and M Electoral Office. Lessor: National Mutual Life Association- Special Minister of State

(ii) Subdivision of Gingin: (leased properties)

Coomallo Hill, Badgingarra: Automatic Exchange. Lessor: State of Western Australia-Telecom

Swan Location 2,062, Beermullah Road West, Beermullah: Automatic Exchange. Lessor: B. J. and L. D. Duffy-Telecom

Reserve 34,040, Road No. 15,599, off Beach Road, Cervantes: Navigation Beacon. Lessor: State of Western Australia-Transport

Lot 339 Seville Street, Cervantes: Automatic Exchange. Lessor: State of Western Australia-Telecom

Lot 3 Chittering Road, Chittering: Automatic Exchange. Lessor: Glengairn Pty Ltd-Telecom

Pt. Lot 92 Market Street, Coorow: Automatic Exchange. Lessor: J. and H. Loveridge-Telecom

Ptn. Victoria Location 10,498, Road 8,607, Coorow: Rifle Range. Lessor: L. C., B. J. and E. M. West-Defence

Ptn. Victoria Location 10,852, Warradarge, Coorow: Automatic Exchange. Lessor: R. C. Clausen-Telecom

Ptn. Victoria Location 9,277, Greenhead Road, West Coorow: Automatic Exchange. Lessor: T. Ingram- Telecom

Ptn. Melbourne Location 2,777, Moora Caro Road, Dandaragan: Automatic Exchange. Lessor: C. J. and R. L. Cook-Telecom

Ptn. Melbourne Location 3,550, Three Chain Road, East Dandaragan: Automatic Exchange. Lessor: Mr and Mrs J. Wachs-Telecom

Pt. Lot M 2,089 Caro Road, West Dandaragan: Automatic Exchange. Lessor: Cataby Holdings-Telecom

Swan Location 283, track of Gingin Brook Road, Gingin: Radio Telephone Site. Lessor: A. W. Edgar and Co.-Telecom

Ptn. Swan Location 3,314, Bennies Road, Bidaminna Farm, Gingin: Automatic Exchange. Lessor: M. J. and C. B. Borwick-Telecom

Ptn. Swan Location 2,324 and Ptn. Swan Location 5,295, Lot 2 Red Gully, Gingin: Automatic Exchange. Lessor: Lakeview Nominees-Telecom

Ptn. Swan Location 2,144, Lancelin Road, Guilderton: Automatic Exchange. Lessor : Roman Catholic Archbishop of Perth-Telecom

Victoria Location 11,418, Jurien Road East, Jurien Bay: TV Broadcasting Site. Lessor: State of Western Australia-Communications

Victoria Location 11,037, Three Chain Road, Jurien Bay: Automatic Exchange. Lessor: R. J. Edmonds and C. Fitch-Telecom

Melbourne Location 3,988, Lancelin: Gunnery Range and Training Area. Lessor: J. F. Downsborough- Defence

Pt Melbourne Location 3,914, Lancelin: Gunnery Range, Air Safety Marker. Lessor : B. Higginson- Defence

Melbourne Location 4,502, Lancelin: Air Safety Marker Site. Lessor: State of Western Australia- Defence

Victoria Location 11,469, Leschenaultia Road, Leeman: Radio and Television Communications. Lessor: State of Western Australia-Telecom

Lot 315, Leschenaultia Road, Leeman: Automatic Exchange. Lessor: State of Western Australia-Telecom

Reserve 27,161, Mooliabeenie Road, Mooliabeenie: Rifle Range. Lessor: State of Western Australia- Defence

Ptn Avon Location 115, York Road, The Lakes: Automatic Exchange. Lessor: P. Stallwood-Telecom

(iii) Subdivision of Girrawheen: (leased properties)

38 residences at the following addresses leased from the State Housing Commission of Western Australia for Defence personnel:

18 Manolas Way, Girrawheen

25 Manolas Way, Girrawheen

9 Manolas Way, Girrawheen

3 Seaton Place, Girrawheen

50 Allison Drive, Girrawheen

57 Allison Drive, Girrawheen

12 Butterick Place, Girrawheen

16 Butterick Place, Girrawheen

15 Butterick Place, Girrawheen

9 Butterick Place, Girrawheen

18 Liddell Street, Girrawheen

6 Buntine Way, Girrawheen

10 Buntine Way, Girrawheen

38 Templeton Crescent, Girrawheen

11 Innes Place, Girrawheen

12 Templeton Crescent, Girrawheen

14 Templeton Crescent, Girrawheen

1 Allison Drive, Girrawheen

5 Templeton Crescent, Girrawheen

23 Oldfield Road, Girrawheen

24 Greville Way, Girrawheen

16 Keeley Way, Girrawheen

20 Keeley Way, Girrawheen

22 Pointer Way, Girrawheen

18 Pointer Way, Girrawheen

20 Buntine Way, Girrawheen

39 Pointer Way, Girrawheen

10 Pointer Way, Girrawheen

33 Buntine Way, Girrawheen

42 Buntine Way, Girrawheen

13 Shortland Way, Girrawheen

26 Mereworth Place, Girrawheen

19 Keeley Way, Girrawheen

10 Warwick Place, Girrawheen

16 Warwick Drive, Girrawheen

18 Warwick Place, Girrawheen

15 Burnham Way, Girrawheen

47 Gummow Way, Girrawheen

(iv) Subdivision of Greenwood: (leased properties)

Charlie Carter's Warwick Centre, Warwick: Shop 15 Post Office. Lessor: Charlie Carter Pty Ltd-Postal Commission

Greenwood Village Shopping Centre, Greenwood: Shop 21A Commonwealth Employment Service-Employment and Industrial Relations

Shop 19 Post Office. Lessor: Greenwood Village Pty Ltd-Postal Commission

(v) Subdivision of Mundaring: (leased properties)

Great Eastern Highway, Chidlow: Rifle Range. Lessor: State of Western Australia -Defence

Lot 349 Thomas Street, Chidlow: Automatic Exchange. Lessor: State of Western Australia-Telecom

Swan Location 1,388 Allen Road, Mundaring: Geophysical Observatory. Lessor: State of Western Australia-Resources and Energy

Ptn State Forest No. 7, Sawyers Valley: Microwave Repeater Site. Lessor: State of Western Australia- Telecom

12 residences at the following addresses leased from the State Housing Commission of Western Australia for Defence personnel:

3 Brown Street, Middle Swan

5 Dickson Drive, Middle Swan

44 Dickson Drive, Middle Swan

38 Dickson Drive, Middle Swan

36 Dickson Drive, Middle Swan

20 Dickson Drive, Middle Swan

18 Dickson Drive, Middle Swan

16 Dickson Drive, Middle Swan

8 Dickson Drive, Middle Swan

6 Dickson Drive, Middle Swan

4 Dickson Drive, Middle Swan

2 Dickson Drive, Middle Swan

(vi) Subdivision of Pearce: (leased properties)

Reserve C425, Bullsbrook: Bombing Range. Lessor: State of Western Australia- Defence

Pt Lot 3, East Bullsbrook: Obstruction Light 1 and Access. Lessor: Shire of Swan-Defence

Pt Lot 8, East Bullsbrook: Obstruction Light 3 and Access. Lessor: Mrs O. M. Poultney-Defence

Pt Swan Location M1,154, East Bullsbrook: Obstruction Light 2 and Access. Lessor: Martindale Pty Ltd- Defence

Ptn Swan Location 1,316 (Lot 1), East Bullsbrook: Obstruction Lights 4 and 5. Lessor: Yarrimbah Pastoral Co.-Defence

Ptn Swan Location 1,316 (Lot 33), Corner Reserve Road and Berry Road, Glenroyd: Automatic Exchange. Lessor: Maureena Downs Pty Ltd-Telecom

169 residences at the following addresses leased from the State Housing Commission of Western Australia for Defence personnel.

7 North Avenue, Pearce

16 North Avenue, Pearce

18 North Avenue, Pearce

20 North Avenue, Pearce

22 North Avenue, Pearce

24 North Avenue, Pearce

26 North Avenue, Pearce

28 North Avenue, Pearce

30 North Avenue, Pearce

32 North Avenue, Pearce

34 North Avenue, Pearce

36 North Avenue, Pearce

13 Bowman Street, Pearce

11 Bowman Street, Pearce

9 Bowman Street, Pearce

7 Bowman Street, Pearce

5 Bowman Street, Pearce

3 Bowman Street, Pearce

1 Bowman Street, Pearce

2 Bowman Street, Pearce

4 Bowman Street, Pearce

6 Bowman Street, Pearce

8 Bowman Street, Pearce

10 Bowman Street, Pearce

12 Bowman Street, Pearce

14 Bowman Street, Pearce

17 Brearley Street, Pearce

15 Brearley Street, Pearce

13 Brearley Street, Pearce

11 Brearley Street, Pearce

12 Brearley Street, Pearce

14 Brearley Street, Pearce

16 Brearley Street, Pearce

18 Brearley Street, Pearce

20 Brearley Street, Pearce

22 Brearley Street, Pearce

5 North Avenue, Pearce

9 North Avenue, Pearce

11 North Avenue, Pearce

13 North Avenue, Pearce

15 North Avenue, Pearce

17 North Avenue, Pearce

19 North Avenue, Pearce

23 North Avenue, Pearce

25 North Avenue, Pearce

27 North Avenue, Pearce

29 North Avenue, Pearce

31 North Avenue, Pearce

33 North Avenue, Pearce

35 North Avenue, Pearce

37 North Avenue, Pearce

39 North Avenue, Pearce

41 North Avenue, Pearce

43 North Avenue, Pearce

45 North Avenue, Pearce

8 North Avenue, Pearce

10 North Avenue, Pearce

12 North Avenue, Pearce

14 North Avenue, Pearce

11 Sheen Way, Pearce

9 Sheen Way, Pearce

7 Sheen Way, Pearce

5 Sheen Way, Pearce

3 Sheen Way, Pearce

1 Sheen Way, Pearce

9 Brearley Street Pearce

7 Brearley Street Pearce

5 Brearley Street Pearce

38 North Avenue, Pearce

44 North Avenue, Pearce

46 North Avenue, Pearce

48 North Avenue, Pearce

50 North Avenue, Pearce

52 North Avenue, Pearce

54 North Avenue, Pearce

56 North Avenue, Pearce

58 North Avenue, Pearce

60 North Avenue, Pearce

62 North Avenue, Pearce

43 Bowman Street, Pearce

41 Bowman Street, Pearce

39 Bowman Street, Pearce

37 Bowman Street, Pearce

35 Bowman Street, Pearce

33 Bowman Street, Pearce

31 Bowman Street, Pearce

29 Bowman Street, Pearce

27 Bowman Street, Pearce

21 Bowman Street, Pearce

19 Bowman Street, Pearce

17 Bowman Street, Pearce

15 Bowman Street, Pearce

16 Bowman Street, Pearce

18 Bowman Street, Pearce

20 Bowman Street, Pearce

30 Bowman Street, Pearce

32 Bowman Street, Pearce

5 McKay Place, Pearce

4 McKay Place, Pearce

3 McKay Place, Pearce

2 McKay Place, Pearce

1 McKay Place, Pearce

34 Bowman Street, Pearce

36 Bowman Street, Pearce

9 King Street, Pearce

7 King Street, Pearce

5 King Street, Pearce

3 King Street, Pearce

42 Brearley Street, Pearce

41 Brearley Street, Pearce

39 Brearley Street, Pearce

37 Brearley Street, Pearce

35 Brearley Street, Pearce

33 Brearley Street, Pearce

29 Brearley Street, Pearce

27 Brearley Street, Pearce

25 Brearley Street, Pearce

23 Brearley Street, Pearce

21 Brearley Street, Pearce

19 Brearley Street, Pearce

24 Brearley Street, Pearce

26 Brearley Street, Pearce

54 Brearley Street, Pearce

56 Brearley Street, Pearce

58 Brearley Street, Pearce

51 Caporn Street, Pearce

49 Caporn Street, Pearce

47 Caporn Street, Pearce

45 Caporn Street, Pearce

43 Caporn Street, Pearce

41 Caporn Street, Pearce

39 Caporn Street, Pearce

37 Caporn Street, Pearce

35 Caporn Street, Pearce

33 Caporn Street, Pearce

31 Caporn Street, Pearce

23 Caporn Street, Pearce

21 Caporn Street, Pearce

19 Caporn Street, Pearce

17 Caporn Street, Pearce

15 Caporn Street, Pearce

13 Caporn Street, Pearce

11 Caporn Street, Pearce

9 Caporn Street, Pearce

7 Caporn Street, Pearce

5 Caporn Street, Pearce

3 Caporn Street, Pearce

2 Caporn Street, Pearce

4 Caporn Street, Pearce

6 Caporn Street, Pearce

8 Caporn Street, Pearce

10 Caporn Street, Pearce

12 Caporn Street, Pearce

14 Caporn Street, Pearce

16 Caporn Street, Pearce

18 Caporn Street, Pearce

20 Caporn Street, Pearce

22 Caporn Street, Pearce

28 Caporn Street, Pearce

30 Caporn Street, Pearce

32 Caporn Street, Pearce

34 Caporn Street, Pearce

36 Caporn Street, Pearce

38 Caporn Street, Pearce

40 Caporn Street, Pearce

42 Caporn Street, Pearce

44 Caporn Street, Pearce

46 Caporn Street, Pearce

48 Caporn Street, Pearce

(vii) Subdivision of Wanneroo: (leased properties)

Swan Location 8,377 Gnangara Road, Gnangara: Automatic Exchange. Lessor: State of Western Australia-Telecom

Wanneroo Shopping Centre, Conlan Avenue, Wanneroo: Shops 7 and 27 Post Office. Lessor: Equity Trustees Executors and Agency Co. Ltd-Postal Commission

Reserve 24,148 Plantation Road, Gnangara: Geophysical Observatory. Lessor: State of Western Australia-Resources and Energy

Ptn. Swan Location 1,370 Two Rocks Road, Two Rocks: Automatic Exchange. Lessor: Yanchep Sun City Pty Ltd-Telecom

Wangara Gate Centre, Wangara: Shop 9 Parliamentary. Lessor: Parin Nominees Pty Ltd-Special Minister of State

(2) and (3) See (1) above.