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Tuesday, 23 August 1983
Page: 105

Question No. 237

Mr Blanchard asked the Minister for Housing and Construction, upon notice, on 26 May 1983:

Can he indicate (a) how many applicants are on the waiting lists for (i) rental and (ii) purchase of homes with housing authorities in each State and Territory and (b) what is the waiting period for different types of housing for the different categories of applicants in each State and Territory.

Mr Hurford — The answer to the honourable member's question is as follows:


New Australian

South South Western Northern Capital

Wales Victoria Queensland Australia Australia Tasmania Territory Territory

Rental (1) 47,989 15,323 9,208 24,106 6,472 3,625 3,072 1,486 Home purchase (2) (3) 8,105 14,314 1,313 444 214 350 103 nil (4)

(1) As at 31 December 1982.

(2) For Queensland, Western Australia, Australian Capital Territory and the Northern Territory as at 31 December, 1982; for Victoria as at 18 February 1983; for Tasmania as at 31 March 1983; for New South Wales as at 30 April 1983; for South Australia as at 1 May 1983.

(3) Some States do not place applicants on waiting lists until they have been interviewed and are in a position to proceed with a purchase. In South Australia a total of 3,120 applicants was listed and waiting call up. In Tasmania in the nine months to March 1983 there had been 1,546 applicants. In some States also the figures represent composite housing authority/State bank and co-operative housing society figures.

(4) All applications were being processed at 31 December 1982, as there were no waiting lists.

(b) The following information was obtained from the housing authority of each State and Territory and is based on waiting times as at 31 December 1982. Waiting times tend to vary, depending on type and location of dwelling and the needs of applicants (those in urgent need can be given priority accommodation).

New South Wales

Capital city Regional centres Rural areas Pensioners

43 months 32 months 33 months Families

42 months 39 months 31 months


Pensioners Families Capital cities

3 to 48 months 12 to 40 months Regional

2 to 48 months 3 to 40 months


Waiting times generally exceeded twelve months for all types of accommodation.

South Australia

Metropolitan Non-metropolitan Double units

24 months 16 months Cottage flats-single persons

21 months 35 months Cottage flats-two persons

4 months 27 months

For villa flats and walk-up flats, waiting times varied from some months to two years.

Western Australia

Metropolitan Non-metropolitan Family and pensioner accom modation

up to 2 years up to 2 years


3 bedroom 2 bedroom Pensioner Hobart 6-12 months 24 months 24-30 months Launceston 24 months 24 months 30 months Devonport 27 months 27 months 30 months Ulverstone 24 months 24 months 30 months Burnie 18 months 24 months 30 months

Northern Territory

Darwin Alice Springs Katherine Tennant Creek 1 bedroom flat 18 months 13 months 7 months 1 month 2 bedroom flat 9 months 10 months 8 months 3 months 4 bedroom flat 24 months 11 months 15 months

Australian Capital Territory

House 22 months

Family flat 1 month

Bachelor flat 14 months

Pensioner flat 36 months