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Tuesday, 23 August 1983
Page: 103

Question No. 213

Mr Reeves asked the Minister for Immigration and Ethnic Affairs, upon notice, on 24 May 1983:

What are the total amounts of all expenditures and/or capital works programs undertaken by the Minister's Department in or related to the Northern Territory for each year from 1978-79 to 1982-83 which were not covered by general or specific grants to the Northern Territory.

Mr West —The table below provides the answer to the honourable member's question:

1982-83 Item Description

1978-79 1979-80 1980-81 1981-82 at 31.5.83

360-1-01 Salaries and Allowances 319,117(a) 392,104(a) 553,202(a) 650,246(a) 765,317(a) 02 Overtime 12,064(a) 25,506(a) 22,567(a) 24,877(a) 20,508(a) 2-01 Travelling and Subsistence 31,263(a) 26,169(a) 36,918(a) 40,001(a) 46,964(a) 02 Office requisites and Equipment

Stationery and Printing 4,994(a) 7,909(a) 8,700(a) 13,997(a) 8,321(a) 03 Postage, Telegrams and Telephone

Services 13,536(a) 47,619(a) 49,869(a) 56,503(a) 57,692(a) 04 Office Services 120(a) 2,296(a) 2,600(a) 1,790(a) 2,293(a) 08 Freight and Cartage 2,561(a) 758 (a) 1,665(a) 1,446(a) 1,999(a) 11 Telephone Interpreter Service-Fees and Expenses . . 7,979(a) 23,891(a) 26,679(a) 29 507(a) 12 Advisory Councils-Fees and Expenses 891(a) 8,545(a) 11,069(a) 2,374(a) 483(a) 14 Furniture and Fittings (b) (b) (b) 2,438(a) 1,139(a) 15 Incidental and other Expenditure 4, 438(a) 2,305(a) 2,000(a) 1,492(a) 1 536(a) 3-01 Detection, Custody and Deportation expenses 9,523(a) 13,064(a) 39,680(a) 17,224(a) 71,249(a) 02 Assistance for Migrant Resource and Information Centre . . 20,000(a) 67,400(a) 61,000(a) 38,000(a) 08 Reimbursement to Voluntary Agencies for Assistance to refugees . . . . 266(a) 3,065(a) 3,564(a) 360-3-09 Settlement Centres- Expenses . . . . . . 918(a) 28(a) 10 Special Orientation Activities-

Indo-Chinese refugees . . 2,228(a) . . . . . . 4-02 Movements of migrants on

disembarkation 1,078(a) 344(a) 817(a) 236(a) 3,454(a) 5-01 Adult Migrant Education Program 60,657(a) 109 289(a) 68,708(a) 54,979(a) 53,234(a) 02 Living Allowance for English as a second language course at Technical and Further Education Institutions . . . . . . . . 5,315(a) 902-1-02 Settlement Centres (Capital works) . . . . 92,593(a) 3,141(a) 2,279(a) 878-0-01 Orientation Activities at Settlement Centres . . . . 1,395(a) . . . . 360-6-01 Grants- In-Aid: Migrant Welfare Organisations . . . . . . 2,667(a) 19,332(a) 155-0-01 Payments for Accommodation for migrants and refugees including advances (c) ( c) (c) (c) 118,000(a) 811-7-01 Migrant Centres (Capital works) (c) (c) (c ) (c) . .

(a) All figures represent expenditure recorded in the Darwin Ledger maintained by or on behalf of the Department of Immigration and Ethnic Affairs during the financial years shown. There may have been other expenditures recorded in the Central Office Ledger which were also related to the Northern Territory. It would not be possible to extract such details without an unacceptable amount of research work.

(b) The appropriation for furniture and fittings over these years was controlled by the Department of Administrative Services (DAS).

(c) The Department of Immigration and Ethnic Affairs assumed functional responsibility for Migrant Centres operations from the Department of Administrative Services from 17 October 1982. Expenditure in relation to Migrant Centres operations prior to that date is the responsibility of DAS.