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Tuesday, 23 August 1983
Page: 85

Question No. 95

Dr Theophanous asked the Minister for Employment and Industrial Relations, upon notice, on 5 May 1983:

What statistical material is available by way of survey or academic study, which compares unemployment rates among the (a) Yugoslavian, (b) Greek, (c) Italian, (d) Maltese, (e) Polish, (f) German, (g) Dutch, (h) Jewish, (j) Lebanese, (k) Vietnamese and (m) Chinese ethnic communities in Australia.

Mr Willis —The answer to the honourable member's question is as follows:

Statistics of unemployment rates classified by country of birth are compiled from the Australian Bureau of Statistics' monthly labour force survey and are published in 'The Labour Force, Australia' (Catalogue No. 6203.0). Unemployment rates for persons born in Yugoslavia, Greece, Italy, Malta, Poland, Germany, the Netherlands and Lebanon are shown in this publication. Estimates for persons born in Vietnam or China are not available, nor is information available from the labour force survey on the Jewish community.

Information on unemployment rates by country of birth is also available from the 1981 Census of Population and Housing; see Table 7 in microfische batch 81. 501, a copy of which is available in the Parliamentary Library. As regards the Jewish community, information that may be of interest will be a cross- classificatory table of religion and labour force status, expected to become available for the whole of Australia towards the end of 1983.

The Bureau of Labour Market Research, the research arm of the Department of Employment and Industrial Relations, will commence in the 1983-84 financial year a project entitled 'The Labour Market Experience of Migrants' which will relate the individual characteristics of migrants to their labour market experience and will include data on unemployment in various ethnic communities in Australia.

A number of studies have been commissioned by the Department of Immigration and Ethnic Affairs covering specific ethnic groups and geographic areas. Many of these take into account employment issues as part of an overall examination of migrant settlement; they will not however provide comparative unemployment rates for ethnic communities.