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Tuesday, 23 August 1983
Page: 85

Question No. 94

Dr Theophanous asked the Minister for Employment and Industrial Relations, upon notice, on 5 May 1983:

Will he bring up to date the information on International Labour Organisation conventions provided on 17 November and 29 October 1981 in answer to questions Nos. 2713 and 2714 (Hansard, pages 2927-2931 and 2827-2828 respectively).

Mr Willis —The answer to the honourable member's question is as follows:

(1) Since November 1981 no International Labour Organisation conventions have been ratified by Australia.

(2) and (3) In conjunction with the National Labour Consultative Council my department is at present undertaking a review of the position of all States and the Commonwealth in respect of unratified conventions. I will provide the honourable member with details of the results of that review when it is completed.

(4) The answer supplied in Hansard of 17 November 1981 still applies.

(1) The 68th and 69th sessions of the International Labour Conference were held at Geneva from 2-23 June 1982 and 1-22 June 1983 respectively.

(2) The following instruments were adopted: (i) 68th Session

(a) Maintenance of Social Security Rights Convention No. 157

(b) Termination of Employment Convention No. 158

(c) Termination of Employment Recommendation No. 166

(ii) 69th Session

(a) A recommendation concerning the establishment of an international system for the maintenance of rights in social security

(b) A convention concerning vocational rehabilitation and employment (disabled persons)

(c) A recommendation concerning vocational rehabilitation and employment ( disabled persons)

(No numbers have been allocated as yet).

(3) (i) 68th Session

The Australian Government delegates voted in favour of Convention No. 157 and Recommendation No. 166 and abstained on Convention No. 158.

(ii) 69th Session

The Australian Government delegates voted in favour of all instruments.