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Tuesday, 23 August 1983
Page: 75

Question No. 31

Mr Rocher asked the Minister for Housing and Construction, upon notice, on 3 May 1983:

(1) How much of his Department's expenditure in the last three years is attributable to overseas aid.

(2) Which overseas aid projects benefited from any expenditure, and by how much , during the same period.

Mr Hurford —The answer to the honourable member's question is as follows:

(1) Expenditure by the Department of Housing and Construction on aid projects for the three years, June 1979 to June 1982, was $2,363,920.

The Department's input to overseas aid projects is at the request of the Australian Development Assistance Bureau (ADAB) and occasionally, the Department of Trade. The trade component of the above expenditure was $21,150, with the ADAB component being $2,342,770.

The services provided by my Department on overseas aid projects are in the form of technical advice or direct project involvement. Departmental expenditures on the ADAB projects are recovered. On trade projects, only overseas travel expenses are recovered. The $21,150 is exclusive of any such travel cost and represents direct Departmental costings incurred but not recovered.

(2) The expenditure by the Department of Housing and Construction on aid projects between June 1979 and June 1982 involved a large number of services and projects in numerous countries. In many cases the depart- mental involvement was to assist ADAB in the technical management of projects which were allocated to private sector consultants or to provide a management role for projects carried out using indigenous labour resources. A list of the projects and expenditures is as follows:




$ Bangladesh Cattle Facilities Extensions Bangladesh

249,431 Ngu Hospital upgrading Tonga

112,376 University of the South Pacific SSED Building Fiji

110,709 Suva sewerage facilities Fiji

142,328 Apia Wharf: Upgrading Western Samoa

51,186 Sarawak: New bridges Series 1 to 4 Malaysia

463,743 Tarawa sewerage scheme Kiribati

56,315 Den Pasar: Water supply scheme Indonesia

15,330 Suva regional water supply scheme Fiji

327,624 Kota Bumi water supply Indonesia

18,091 Regional TTK water supply schemes Indonesia

48,992 Cilicap water supply scheme Indonesia

182,893 Bonriki Airport hangar Kiribati

9,909 Suva sewerage tunnel Fiji

178,426 Vava'u Bulk fuel storage Tonga

31,333 Electricity supply upgrading Tonga

16,498 Way Linti water supply scheme Indonesia

30,027 Tarawa water suply scheme Kiribati

6,427 Tanjunkerang/Telakbetung water supply scheme Indonesia

47,401 Nuku'alofa seaport improvements Tonga

42,902 Technical assistance to Cipta Karya (Indonesia water supply/Sewerage Authority) Indonesia

4,579 Songkla University feasibility study Thailand

370 Faleolo airport study Western Samoa

11,517 Suva sewerage discharge studies (Kinoya Bay) Fiji

4,750 Christmas Island water supply studies Kiribati

3,510 Physical planning assistance-University of the South Pacific (seconded full time to ADAB) Fiji

- Vanuatu Santo Secondary School Vanuatu

23,665 Airport development study Solomon Islands

4,300 Feasibility study: Power Generation from Wood Waste (Trade) Fiji

800 Philippines national coal logistics project: Advice Philippines

50,400 ASEAN countries: Coal utilisation seminars (Trade) ASEAN Nations

14,200 North Bangkok power station conversion Thailand

900 Lignite mine development, Mae Moh Thailand

2,800 Ao Phai power station Thailand

19,000 Black coal technology Thailand

700 Batam Island coal installation Indonesia

2,500 Sri Lanka power station study Sri Lanka

800 Extensions to coal logistics system Philippines

31,400 Coal Utilisation papers for ESCAP member countries (Trade) -

2,400 Power station coal handling plant Malta

200 Kalewa coal mine development (Trade) Burma

250 Coal slurry pipeline study (Trade) Philippines

500 Ethanol plant study (Trade) Papua New Guinea

1,200 Ethanol plant study (Trade) Thailand

1,800 Lombrum wharf study Papua New Guinea

7,220 Queen Salote wharf development Tonga

6,280 Semarang flood mitigation Indonesia

6,151 Dessicated coconut factory: Review Tonga

1,500 Vietnam-Assess equipment Vietnam