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Tuesday, 23 August 1983
Page: 11

Mr PEACOCK (Leader of the Opposition) —Mr Speaker--

Mr SPEAKER —Order! Is the Leader of the Opposition seeking the indulgence of the Chair?

Mr PEACOCK —Yes, Mr Speaker, I ask for your indulgence.

Mr SPEAKER —I call the Leader of the Opposition.

Mr PEACOCK —As the statement of the Prime Minister (Mr Hawke) refers to the resignation of the former Special Minister of State and former Vice-President of the Executive Council, as would be expected I request the Prime Minister to explain to the House the circumstances surrounding that resignation and the Prime Minister's subsequent recommendation to the Caucus that the ministerial vacancy created by the resignation of the honourable member for Port Adelaide ( Mr Young) remain open.

Mr SPEAKER —Are there any notices?

Mr PEACOCK —Mr Speaker, we are prepared to give leave--

Mr SPEAKER —Order! The Leader of the Opposition will resume his seat.

Mr PEACOCK —Mr Speaker, we are prepared to give leave to the Prime Minister, if he wishes that.

Mr SPEAKER —Order! The matter is not in the hands of the Leader of the Opposition. He asked for my indulgence to address himself to the statement. That period of indulgence has concluded. I now call on notices. Are there any notices ?