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Thursday, 26 May 1983
Page: 1083

Mr HOWARD(10.3) —The Minister for Finance (Mr Dawkins) has asked me about a document he has handed to me. Mr Chairman, may I ask him a question about the document before I make a decision on whether it can be incorporated? It contains the statement:

The Tax Office has identified over $2.7 billion in avoided tax not collected due to the previous Government's failure to legislate quickly enough.

Does that represent the value judgment of the Australian Taxation Office or the political assertion of the Minister?

Mr Dawkins —For what it is worth, what I said was that it was a document that I had prepared.

Mr HOWARD —The Minister should be careful what he says because I am reading from his document.

Mr Dawkins —I said it was a document that I had prepared.

Mr HOWARD —So the comments are the Minister's political assertions and not the value judgment of the Taxation Office?

Mr Dawkins —If the honourable member really wants me to indicate, the first page is a summary of the next three and was prepared in my office. The next three pages were prepared by the Taxation Office.

Mr HOWARD —So much for it. I do not care whether it is tabled or not.

Mr Dawkins —The honourable member cannot stop me tabling it. What he can stop my doing is incorporating it in Hansard.

Mr HOWARD —I would not clutter the Hansard.

Mr Dawkins —Does that mean that he is denying leave?


Mr Dawkins —If the honourable member gives it back to me I will table the document.

The DEPUTY CHAIRMAN (Mr Drummond) -Order! The Minister needs leave even to table the document.

Mr Dawkins —I seek leave to table the document.

Leave granted.