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Thursday, 16 May 2013
Page: 3582

Mr SIDEBOTTOM (BraddonParliamentary Secretary for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry) (10:04): Good morning, colleagues. Lots of things have been happening in Tassie since we were here last, particularly in my region. First and foremost, the Tasmanian forests agreement has finally been signed. I congratulate all the signatories. It was three years of hard work to arrive at a consensus. We hope the forest industry will be able to continue in a very sustainable footing in Tassie and that we can protect those areas that we have pride in and that need protection. At the same time we can develop a future for that industry as well. So I congratulate all those signatories. The federal government stands ready, willing and able to assist that process, as we always have been. There is $300 million now to roll out to support those who are going to be affected by this serious structural change. Unfortunately it is change that is necessary.

I congratulate the mainstream green movement for supporting this. But I would ask Bob Brown, Christine Milne, Peg Putt and the extreme green organisations and individuals to cease now their old green politics and to support consensus and compromise; to allow this to happen, to give it a future. Instead, what we have is their old policy of no compromise and all conflict. I ask them again to cease their deliberate confrontational actions both in our forests, our forest industries and in the Tarkine—and most especially in their attempts to destabilise the responsible economic development in the region of west and north-west of Tasmania.

The Prime Minister came to visit and wanted to congratulate Fonterra at Wynyard on their successful program from the Clean Technology Investments Program to install eight new cheese vats and reduce their heating. They carved emissions, saving up to $140,000 in their energy costs per year. They also receive $434,000 to boost their extension program to help farmers to reduce nitrous oxide emissions. Whilst the Prime Minister was visiting, she also announced $125,000 for the Darrel Baldock memorial project at Latrobe, and I am very grateful to her.

I also had the privilege of attending the trail bike project at Penguin, which we put $53,000 into with support from DEEWR and Equity Labour Services and with the work of Ian Faulkner, James McCormick and DEEWR officers. This is a 12-week program to support seven young local people to build a world-class trail bike project. That was one of many.

Finally, I say congratulations to Devonport enterprises and the launch of DisabilityCare Australia. Congratulations to everyone involved for making this a nationwide— (Time expired)