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Wednesday, 28 February 2018
Page: 2269

Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement

Mrs SUDMALIS (Gilmore) (14:29): My question is to the Minister for Trade, Tourism and Investment. Will the minister update the House on the benefits of the Trans-Pacific Partnership and how it works as a foundation to create jobs for hardworking Australians in Gilmore and across the nation? Could the minister explain what possible risks there are to jeopardise such job creation?

Mr CIOBO (MoncrieffMinister for Trade, Tourism and Investment) (14:29): I appreciate the member for Gilmore asking me the question about the TPP in particular, because she, like other members of this House, is deeply committed to this government's agenda with respect to opening export markets, thereby driving economic growth and making sure that we drive jobs as a direct consequence. We've seen, as a direct result of this government's export policies opening up the world's best preferential market access for Aussie exporters, that we are a government that have delivered in spades when it comes to jobs—403,000 jobs delivered by this government by creating the right economic conditions, much of it driven by access to new export markets. So it's a critical part of what we as a government are focused on.

It's very different on Labor's side, because so many of them are opposed to our free trade agreement agenda. They stand in the way of export deals. We saw that only on Monday the member for Fremantle said in this House:

One thing we know is that trade agreements entered into from our position as a developed high-wage economy don't do much to create jobs.

Yet, in the member for Gilmore's own electorate, Cherub Rubs is creating jobs and said:

The free trade agreements with China and Korea really mean an expansion, which means new Australian jobs manufacturing high-quality products.

There's been a lot of commentary around the TPP, and in particular I had my attention drawn to a recent GQ article. The Leader of the Opposition was there looking very resplendent, I've got to say. He was there with his photograph.

The SPEAKER: The minister knows the rules on props. Remove the prop.

Mr CIOBO: I've got to say this guy is a lot more Blue Steel than he is blue collar—that's for sure. But the thing is, Mr Speaker, I've just got to show you—I'm making reference to it just the one time—

The SPEAKER: No, the minister will resume his seat. I'm not going to keep continually warning members on props only to be defied within 10 seconds. There's no right of appeal, I regret to say.